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SACA has a youtube steam channel. SteamCars, Roger Ulsky is the contact for adding videos. You may follow this link to our Forum for Available steam videos

Please try the link to Discussion Forums at the upper right for a most thorough selection of news and discussion on all topics of steam cars restoration, history, development of light steam power systems and general steam technology. 
The Steam Automobile Bulletin comes to all members. To the members outside North America, the Bulletin is suppied as a full color pdf file, and you can also have the heavy black-and-white printed bulletin in the mail if you also pay for the mailing expense. We have discovered that a member in Europe can take the pdf file to a local copy shop and print the thing in color for less than the mailing cost! 

The Steam Automobile Club of America is a Not For Profit Organization, founded in 1958, for the preservation and propagation of automotive steam technology, whether historic, modern ,or experimental. We offer club members technical information and help.Some local chapters have shows were you can display your steam automobile, swap ideas, attend demonstrations, and meet others who share your interest in steam automobiles. Become a member of The Steam Automobile Club of America and receive our newsletter "The Steam Automobile Bulletin" it contains informative articles, technical information, classifieds, chapter news, and more! 
President - Ken Helmick 
964 Highlander St. 
Lake Orion, MI. 48362 

Find all the contact people by clicking the link above to the Bulletin  and clicking on page 2 of the latest issue..

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