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Chapter Request

Posted by frustrated 
Chapter Request
December 16, 2011 11:02AM
I just received a copy of a request from from Roger Ulsky and Chuk Williams on behalf of the proposed Southeast Chapter of SACA. The by-laws state the Board must recognize a chapter if petitioned by 5 or more members in an area, since 1/4 of the SACA Board are petitioners I suspect the Board will have little debate.



Date: 01/01/2012

To: Steam Automobile Club of America Board of Directors
From: The charter members of the proposed Southeast Chapter of the Steam Automobile Club of America (SACA)

We the undersigned petition the Board of Directors of the Steam Automobile Club of America to recognize us as constituting the Southeast Chapter of SACA. Our chapter will specifically serve the Southeast region and has as its goals to:

Promote light steam power in regional media and public forums.
Provide opportunity for light steam enthusiasts to meet and share resources.
Host a Winter Meet for the Steam Automobile Club of America.

Initially, we will not have officers, collect dues, or have an official newsletter. These may be added later as the chapter matures and a simple majority of the chapter members deem them beneficial.

We are going to be an online chapter and our email address is: saca-se@charter.net

Respectfully submitted by:

Bob Hargraves
Carroll Hampleman
Chuk Williams
Dan Suskind
Don Hoke
Ed Gibbs
Frankie Fruge
Harry Schoell
Norm Sinclair
Paul Miller
Peter Notaro
Roger Ulsky
Sam Sapp
Re: Chapter Request
February 03, 2012 08:39AM
Follow up note:

On January 15, 2012 at the Sacramento meet, the SACA Board of Directors officially recognized the Southeast Chapter. President Kimmel presented certificates acknowledging is recognition to those chapter members in attendance.


Ken Helmick
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