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Pictures, Templates, Language

Posted by Scott Finegan 
Pictures, Templates, Language
August 06, 2009 08:00AM
Inline pictures have been enabled on the Phorum for those posts that have attachments. If they do not display, give it about 15 seconds, then try a HARD refresh ( ctrl + F5 ). The thumbnails need to be cached on the server, and they don't exist for that page until the first time someone accesses the page.

We will give this a try for a while to see how it affects performance.

Known problem:
On the topic list page, many threads with pictures do not display a paperclip icon, informing you there are attachments (this is not new).

You may change these in your control panel...
There are more templates available, however they may not be compatible with all of the add on "Mods" we have running now, like inline pictures. They haven't been fully tested here. The best template to use is the default one "Emerald" because that is the template that the "Mods" are usually developed for first. I will be adding more templates as I can test them, and/or fix them. Templates may also look different (bugs) depending on browser.

There are language files available for the Phorum for some languages. These files translate the buttons and controls to another language, they do not translate the message. If you need or want the control buttons in another language, please ask. I will then attempt to locate a language file that matches the template. Most are for "Emerald".

Scott Finegan
Re: Pictures, Templates, Language
August 07, 2009 04:38AM
Hi Scott,

Good deal! I usually use a circa-1997 Sony "WebTV Classic" internet terminal, with NTSC "monitor", astoundingly slow dial-up connection, and extremely limited RAM/cache, yet these enhanced forum pages load right up and thumbnails display perfectly ... so far. I think that this device is probably the most primitive one currently used to access this (or any) forum, unless somebody is using a Commodore 64, TRS-80 etc.. And no problems.

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