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privat messages

Posted by Howard Langdon 
privat messages
February 04, 2007 06:14PM
HI Scott Finnegan I am doing private messages will you email me info how to post ven and how to email vem
Re: privat messages
February 04, 2007 07:04PM
Hi Howard,

Private messages are sent on the steam web site, you may or may not get an email notifying you of a new private message. If you do receive one there is an embedded link you may click to go to the message.

If you recieve a private message on the forum and you are logged in, in the upper right corner there is a notification boc saying you have a private message.

On the forum list page, where Steam Stuff, and the Micellaneous Technical forums are listed, select "Private Messages" or click on it. Also available in the forum message list.

This will take you to a page with a menu on the left allowing you to look at your profile, Private messages, Followed threads, Options, etc.

Under Private messages there are three options, Inbox, Sent items, and Send a private message. This works very similar to the message phorums.

In the inbox you may select a message to read by clicking on it or by selecting a checkbox deleting it.

Sent items aren't saved unless you check the box to save the message in your sent items. Which you may look at later by selecting sent items, then selecting the message to read.

Send a Private message is a edit box just like the forum uses to start a new topic.
It has a preview button and a post button to post the message.

It differs in that it has a check box that allows you to "Keep A Copy In My Sent Items" and in how you choose the recipient.

In the To: box there is a dropdown scrollable list of Forum members, these are your only choices for recipient. Pressing a single letter key will scroll the list to the first matching first letter in the name list, pressing it again will take you to the second etc.

I sent this same reply as a private message to you.

I hope this helps.


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