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Login and Registration Problems

Posted by Scott Finegan 
Login and Registration Problems
December 11, 2005 11:51PM
To register for this forum, which is required if you wish to post.

Be sure Cookies are enabled.

Select "Log In" with the mouse, or tab to it and press the "enter" key.

At the next screen select: "Not Registered? Click here to register now."

On the registration screen fill in:

"user name"
"email address"

The email address must be valid, you will need to click on a link in an email sent to the address you provided to activate your account.

Contact me if you have problems webapprentice@steamautomobile.com

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Re: Login and Registration Problems
October 24, 2008 12:31PM
If you do not get an email, it may be because your mail provider is blocking email from steamautomobile.com

Known culprits are Compuserve, and Verizon as of 10-24-08.

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Re: Login and Registration Problems
January 12, 2013 10:06AM
Users who have never posted a message, and haven't logged into the forum for about six months will be deactivated.
Users that have posted messages, but haven't logged in in 600 days may be deactivated.

Contact me at the email listed in the top post if you wish to have your login reactivated.
Re: Login and Registration Problems
January 14, 2013 10:03AM
Repeatedly needing to log in:

Checking the forum logs, it appears some users need to log in every time they come to the forum. Unless this is the way you want it, logging in is usually good for weeks to months for me, unless I specifically log out, or delete cookies.

Anyone that gets tired of needing to log in every time they come to the forum can PM me and we can work out a solution.
First item to check is the link you use to get to the forum. If it has a www. in front of the URL, this may cause a problem, it should be [steamautomobile.com] in any link you use. Session cookies need to be allowed and saved.
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