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Posted by Howard Langdon 
May 22, 2005 03:02AM
HI Kevin Jury sent the program I will get it on the 24 will let you no win I get it
Re: program
May 25, 2005 06:10PM
Havn't heard from Greenhills tech support on the program that was demoed. It was about a year ago that it was demoed at a user's group meeting. It was a program to allow the blind access to the web. It wasn't the normal speach to text, test to speach utility. It targeted computer usage for the blind. Had special features for browsing web pages.

So if this doesn't work out for Howard let me know. I havn't buged my ISP's tech support people much about this sense you were getting this other program. But I am sure the program I saw demoed can be found and sounds like just what you need. It had options for brialle input and output devices not used by the person doing the demo. As I rember it had web page navagation features. Like only speaking the links on a page. Able to skip to next paragraphs etc. Verbal and keyboard command recognition.

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