Back Issues Problem.
April 27, 2014 01:30PM
Is there some reason why when one wants to look at an article in old back issues of the Steam Automobile Quarterly only the first page is accessible, the rest will not open up?
Doesn't make having all the back issues on line very usable, does it?
I thought that someone who does know web site construction was supposed to fix all the issues.

Re: Back Issues Problem.
April 27, 2014 02:51PM
Hello Jim

Just tried and it is all working as before.
Have you tried clicking on the blue descriptive text in the second column (e.g. Vol. 4, No. 1, 1961, 16pp) which opens into a .pdf document.
If you click only on the image of the magazine you just get a .jpeg of the front page.

What I have found is that google can search the text but my adobe search function does not recognise any words.

Re: Back Issues Problem.
April 27, 2014 04:52PM
April 27, 2014 Dear steam people, The main reason anything at all that has to do with the back issues of the club publications: Steam Automobile Quarterly, and SACA Bulletin, as well as the 3 1/2 years of Modeltec in between these other two publication names, is difficult to access is because I have no computer skills. I paid my IT people to do the scanning and OCRing and then I did the proofreading followed by instructions to my IT people to make the corrections all without having any idea what was really happening. I then put this material on a disc and mailed a copy to each of the club officers, directors, staff people, and local chapter heads requesting some advice as to how to sell these without someone putting them up on the internet for all to see for free. I thought the club could make a little money this way. Much good information is contained in the back issues. I got no feedback at all from anyone and then one of the people in that group who has the philosophical philosophy that information wants to be free put it up. I was then asked why some of this had the photos in front in stead of in back of the text. Anyhow, I was hoping that when it was all sorted out more people would see what a good group we were and join the club, making us a larger more vibrant more successful group. And so the intent was to make money for the club, attract more members, bring more information to the public, and make the world a better place. Tom Kimmel
Re: Back Issues Problem.
April 28, 2014 10:24AM
Dear Tom, Your efforts and your large investment, all to the benefit of SACA, Inc., are really appreciated by all of us. The back issues are a wealth of steam car information and they should be accessed by all of us more often than what they presently are. KUDOs to you. smiling smiley SSsssteamer
Re: Back Issues Problem.
April 28, 2014 11:55AM

Tried that and got nothing but solid black pages one after another as I scrolled down.
This is a most valuable source of information, especially for those of us who joined SACA right in the beginning and want to go back and research something, too bad it doesn't work.

I would be glad to contribute to a fund to have a professional come in and fix all this. Anyone else???

Re: Back Issues Problem.
April 28, 2014 01:42PM

Asked some adults and they reckon your problem is likely to be with the Adobe plug in on your browser. I normally use Internet Explorer 11 but when I tried Chrome on the college laptop it showed black like you described. Google gave a number of solutions to this problem which can also happen to Firefox so it is not unusual.

I agree with Sssteamer and in no way was I decrying your efforts just reporting the anomaly of the search function. Personally I prefer pdf to some of the other document formats.

Re: Back Issues Problem.
April 28, 2014 02:21PM
Opens with current version of Firefox browser. The page will first open blank and then in the upper left it states "This PDF may not be displaying properly" In the upper right is a tab "Open with different viewer" click on that and select Adobe reader. It then displays properly.

Re: Back Issues Problem.
April 28, 2014 04:26PM

I am not using Adobe or Firefox. Adobe downloads have far to many bugs and I don't need a new one.
Using Safari and for everyone else it works just fine all the time. A pdf would be just fine; but we don't have that.
Seems to me if SACA is to be known a lot better, we need a web site that really works directly without fail and not having to first go here, then there, then somewhere else, or having to download some flaky new thing before finally getting to our back issues.

Re: Back Issues Problem.
April 28, 2014 05:53PM
I to had problems opening one.
Just clicking gave me a blank black page. I sat and waited and after some time it opened but my computer locked up and could not scroll down the pages.
I tried another way, I lift clicked and selected the program I wanted to open it with. I have two, Adobe reader and PDF converter. Selecting either one of these and it tried to open in Word, I don’t know why. I did eventually open one book. Not like opening other PDF files on the Internet. It took four times getting off the Internet and re logging on.
Re: Back Issues Problem.
April 28, 2014 08:33PM
With Internet Explorer 8, I can see the issue, but have to scroll down to get past a bunch of black.

With Firefox 28, I see only a long column of black.

I wonder if something changed in the past year or so about the storage or delivery of these PDFs? I don't recall this behavior in the past.

This is a great resource - I've often gone to these PDFs online instead of getting out of my chair and walking over to dig something out of the bookshelf. I'd like them even better if there were an option to get the original scan without the OCR. The font that the text was converted to is difficult to read, and the conversion suffers from some remaining errors - the latter entirely understandable with a project like this, but it would be nice to have the original available too.

Re: Back Issues Problem.
April 29, 2014 09:31AM
This forum would benefit greatly by switching the software it uses. This Phorum software is antiquated and slow and limits the user the ability to embed Youtube videos and display web linked pictures, other than just links to them. Attachments have to resized and most folks won't bother. Also, there is no auto-correct on spelling.

Either one of these is far better. It would definitely increase forum participation.

[] 7 bucks a month

[] Free with ads, or no ads for a small fee.

Re: Back Issues Problem.
April 29, 2014 10:03AM
The restriction on U-tube is intentional, as are some other external links.
The forum is slow due to the host we are on, this can be corrected.
Why Jim has a problem with looking at back issues is an unknown.

When Ken gets a new host, has a new site set up, and is ready to transfer the forum, he can use any software he wants for the forum.
Re: Back Issues Problem.
April 30, 2014 07:00AM
Evan as Vice President, I would hope the board of directors and other offices have a say in the decision-making.
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