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Flintstone cell phone

Posted by ben 
Flintstone cell phone
May 19, 2010 08:41AM
Hi All,,My friend says I need a new battry,,Make is Mobira,,weighs a ton,,,probably 20#,,bout like a small truck battery,,I can't seem to find info on it,, It looks like a real professional piece of equipment,,Battery pack is appox 2x8x8",,,,Cheers,,,Ben
Re: Flintstone cell phone
May 19, 2010 10:03AM
My quick investigation indicates this phone is probably an analog unit, and will no longer work in the USA. You need a digital phone today.

Re: Flintstone cell phone
January 03, 2015 10:07PM
You must be young,cell replaced trunked mobile phones.
In those days,you had a phone tranciever the size of a footlocker....
Like many things in that time they had tubes as well....So your CB was was the size of a makeup bag.
The commerical radio on a cop or company car was box that looked like a large rod box on a boat running the entire width of the car and about foot in diameter.Because of the tubes you needed 300volts to run the radio or phone.So there was a motor generator that had to spinup everytime you keyed the mike.TV station trucks ran 600volts for the video and anything but portable in the 50's and 60's for news stories.
I had one of the phones that you asked about and no it will not work because of the changes that they made on carrier and subcarriers for mobile cells over the years.And it was digital, but not in the format used now.Most of the size is because you can now put an entire board on that phone on one chip on a new cell phone.they were intergraded,but by small sections of the circuits.IE a component like a timer or ? string to gather on a board.
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