Major Technical Information Available Just Now
April 16, 2010 11:54PM
I believe every user and SACA member would like to know--the entire range of The Steam Automobile quarterly, all 27 years, are available in pdf form now on the site. On the home page, click the blue highlighted "Steam Automobile" and it opens the page showing the front cover of all issues, the issue number, and the table of contents. What is new is that the issue number is a link to the actual pdf copy of the issue.

Full search on the site search is open to all at the search box on the home page.

Full search on Google is open to all.

I searched on my name and got 544 hits on in both the magazines and the forum, and I am not the biggest hitter, folks.

Try something you have not found before, and be surprised.

All the best,

Karl Petersen
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