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Modern steam car for sale

Posted by SSsssteamer 
Modern steam car for sale
October 07, 2007 12:51PM
STEAM CAR of PETER PELLAND, the MARK IV is for sale on eBay at [cgi.ebay.co.uk]

Re: Modern steam car for sale
October 07, 2007 12:59PM
Another Steam car is to be Auctioned December first in Florida.
Re: Modern steam car for sale
October 07, 2007 03:09PM
Hi Rolly,,,Note the early very rare Gray-Davis carbide generator,,and that it has no brake drums at the wheels,,,I 'm pretty sure this is the car Richard D and I saw at Hampton NH ,, several years ago,,,also pics of it in Colorado,,Not sure who restored it,,,Cheers Ben
Re: Modern steam car for sale
October 07, 2007 05:13PM
A few more photos of this car are here:


and here:

Re: Modern steam car for sale
October 07, 2007 05:32PM
Hi Ben
Yes I noticed the lack of drums on the outer rear wheels. Most of the 06’s I’ve seen do have the drums. The 05 did not and the 06 Stanley racers did not but the 07 did. They are emergency brakes as the main brakes are next to the differential gear. Also bicycle fenders. The original running board I got from Frank Cooke has the Prest-O-Lite brackets
I need a good tank.

Kelly do you have a blow up photo of the dash. Also from the photos you posted it looks like the fusible plug piping is messing from the boiler.
This car should have had the bucket water indicator. I have been trying to find a good photo of how the bent wire indicator came through the dash.

Re: Modern steam car for sale
October 08, 2007 11:38AM
Sorry, I don't have any other photos. Rolly, are you working on an 06? I'm sure you saw the car at Rough & Tumble during the tour - I think there's a lot of un-originality about it. But it did originally have the bucket level indicator - Tom Marshall told me about trying to get it to work. The indicator was eventually sold to someone else and a sight glass installed. But maybe there's some clue left in the dashboard. I'll see if any of my pictures of that car show anything useful.
Re: Modern steam car for sale
October 08, 2007 01:08PM
Yes Kelly you are correct, the car at Rough & Tumble has a lot of un-originality about it.
I have photographed it well.

Hear is a photo of an original bucket & float, I do not have a photo of the weight or wire indicator other then the one I posted from an 05

Re: Modern steam car for sale
October 08, 2007 02:07PM
As I recall,,, ???,, There was a round > plate on the dash,,, the wire came through the middle,,, Can't recall which car this was,,,oh well,,,The 1906 racer had no wheel brake because it was built in 1905,,,the Vanderbilt cars were built in early '06 ,,not sure when they were first run,, Also note that the 30 hp engine was built before the 4x5 20 hp engine,, The Vanderbilt cars were really a test bed,,,Cheers, Ben
Re: Modern steam car for sale
October 08, 2007 03:21PM
The weight is lead and about ,680"x 5",,,runs in a ,750 x 12" tube to keep it from swinging,,string over the 2,5d pulley,,uugh,,, The biler is ,040 copper shell, 2 wraps of wire,,,,,,,,,Gauge lamp blows out,in the rain, string breaks OR hops off pulley,, In the confusion the pump is off,,the biler goes dry,,the clinch rings on the top and bottom of boiler go loose,,AND turn,,,loostening the wire,,,then water is pumped,,and the loose shell has the steam comming between the tube sheet and wire,,, Whole thing is about as tight as a moth eaten ball of yarn,,,I know its supposa' have a fusable,,,,BUT Don Jones father's friend, FRANK PURLEY [ Perley's garage/ Rowley Ma] insisted it did not have one on it that dark and rainy nite in Newburyport/ Rowley,,wey back when,,He insisted the Duryea w/ no differential was a better deal,,Ye might say he was not a Stanley fan,,The story did not make sense,,as ,at the time I had never seen or heard of the bucket indicater,, And I'LL bet you havent heard of racing the Duryea w/ no differential,,,thats what gave trouble at Chicago '95 haha,, and glass jar batterys at London '96 ///there may be correction on dimentions above, later,,,Ben
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