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Serpollet Throttle

Posted by Mark Stacey 
Mark Stacey
Serpollet Throttle
February 06, 2003 12:32AM
I have a very roughly machined Serpollet throttle casting. The pattern was made from the Light Steam Power drawing set with a few modifications, and an iron casting made.

I have redrawn the Light Steam Power plans in 3D CAD which was awkward as the plans are lacking dimensions so I had to scale off the plans. I was about to create the code for my cnc mill so I can re machine the existing casting.
The trouble is the casting is quite different from the plans, which raised a question in my mind.
Are the plans a true representation of a Serpollet throttle? Or are they just a some ones guess at it?
Any comments or help gratefully received.
Mark Stacey
Benson in Maine
Re: Serpollet Throttle
February 28, 2003 09:00AM
Hi Mark,,,I have a throttle here [somewhere] its sort of throttle/safty,w/a lever to override I think,,I' LL look for it,,,do you have any further info,,,,Anderson Museum in Brookline Mass has a virtually un touched car,,,perhaps updated in '03? D.Nergaard has looked at I think,,,,I recall it from when we met there on wed nites back in 50 --1960,,,memories,,,Cheers Ben,,,,,,,,,,,I'm still 23 ////just the body keeps getin older,,,, ,,, ,, ,
David K. Nergaard
Re: Serpollet Throttle
March 01, 2003 08:08AM
Mr. Benson has the remains of a Serpollet safety valve, not a throttle. It is fitted with a lever so the driver can either open it to slow the car in traffic or hold it closed to retain what steam is left. Absolutely essential as the early Serpollets had no throttle!
I do have copies of articles on the Serpollet, some of which show throttles. If you can mail me a photo, maybe I can match it to a drawing. For address, click on Northeast.
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