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Old Fogeys...

Posted by frustrated 
Old Fogeys...
August 24, 2023 11:18AM
Sigh ... this came from our Facebook page, I really wish this was more of a bell-shaped curve...Furthermore, I know some of the women credited as being members are actually men using their wive's accounts...

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Re: Old Fogeys...
August 25, 2023 04:01PM
Looks like the old car hobby in general. Remember, there is a certain level of disposable income and available time that has to be reached before such things as hobbies can be pursued in earnest. smiling smiley
Re: Old Fogeys...
August 26, 2023 01:31PM
My worry is that this is from Facebook -- it doesn't take money or resources to look at videos, and we still don't have younger people checking it out. Once upon a time, SACA's membrship skewed much, much younger. Maybe it's a stable trend, but it's kind of worrying.
Re: Old Fogeys...
August 26, 2023 10:49PM
So, what are you doing to attract younger folks to steam? I happen to be an engineer on a steam yacht and invite young people to come for a cruse to try to find younger folks to get interested. Complaining about Facebook analytics, does nothing to help pass the passion of steam to the next generation.
Re: Old Fogeys...
August 27, 2023 06:50AM
That’s great boatbum.
I use to try and do the same thing when I had my boat on the river.
There was a little boy about ¼ mile from shore that would stand on his porch
and jump up down every time I went down river with his arm going up and
down for me to pull the cord for the whistle.
One day his mother brought him down to the boat. I let him clime all over the boat
And pull the whistle him self.
Great day for me and him.
Re: Old Fogeys...
August 28, 2023 11:01AM

What do I do? Beside spending a few hundred hours a year helping edit the Bulletin, dealing with administrative issues, writing articles when we can't get any submissions, answering questions from various sources, and helping with meets?
Re: Old Fogeys...
August 28, 2023 04:04PM

It's our club.

NO GURLS Allowed.


Re: Old Fogeys...
August 29, 2023 06:05AM

I'd love to have girls, the more the merrier. The only downside would be that we might have to be a bit more careful about the scratching...
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