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Permanently Closed?

Posted by steveinky 
Permanently Closed?
June 17, 2023 12:10PM
Oh no! When did this happen!?
Have a nice day

Re: Permanently Closed?
June 17, 2023 12:59PM
First I have heard of it.
I Have a call into Ken.
Re: Permanently Closed?
June 17, 2023 03:40PM
Apparently Google noted my home address was the same as my home address, and since it was in a zoned residential neighborhood decided that we were "Out Of Business". Just a stupid computer error.


Re: Permanently Closed?
June 17, 2023 05:48PM

I was out on the road and found out about all this from a voicemail that I received from Scott. Unfortunately, I was refilling at a gas station and just read the transcription, which confused me because the system turned "Hi Ken" into "Hi Megan". Anyhow, I am a fine ten finger typist, but can't type for spit with my thumbs on a smartphone, so I just gave a quick reply at that moment.

The streets in my area have never shown up on "Google Earth", and it looks like they just got around to adding images of my neighborhood. The photo shown above is my home, which is in a residential area. Apparently, Google decided that SACA was a business ... and added it to their database as such. No surprise there, I get emails every day from companies trying to sell the club goods and services as though we were an actual for-profit business. Google Maps shows business locations, and I assume that SACA was slated to get the same treatment when they finally got around to taking images of my neighborhood. I am further assuming that they decided that a business could not operate out of a residential zoned neighborhood -- and thus tagged the club as out of business. Of course, we were never "in-business" to start with, so there is that to consider.

Most likely this was all a computer error, since so much of the process of assembling those maps is automated.

I'd like to thank Scott for sending a notification to Google, and hopefully the entry will be corrected.


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