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Doble "POWER" gage by Schaeffer & Budenberg, Brooklyn.

Posted by Karl Petersen 
Doble "POWER" gage by Schaeffer & Budenberg, Brooklyn.
April 07, 2023 01:48PM
Does anyone have one of these or a good picture? The image is from the Doble-Simplex chassis photos and has been edited for clarity.

To reduce the plethora of gages splayed across the dashboard of modern steam cars, the early California Dobles had a custom triplex gage manufactured for them by S&B. It was a POWER gage and had three needles. The upper scale seems to have read from 0 to 1500. It showed temperature and pressure with red and a black needles. The lower scale showed air pressure perhaps up to 15 psi. The use of this combination is described in the Doble owners manual printed about 1925 as follows:

THE POWER GAGE is located just to the right of the steering column. There are three (3) indicating needles. Note: In
the later 1924 models, the steam pressure, temperature, and air pressure gages are separate, and the following instructions will be understood, as each gage is marked.
a. The Pressure Needle (black) and the Temperature Needle (red) move on the top scale, the figures of which are common to pressure and temperature and indicate with the black needle pounds per square inch, and with the red needle degrees Fahrenheit. The figure 750 appears in red at the center of the scale, is normal pressure and temperature.
b. The Burner should cut in at about 700 on the black needle and cut out at about 1200. Should there be a material variation from these pressures, consult our service department, or read carefully the description and instructions found under "Control Box." Note, however, that the burner may also cut out by high temperature, in which case, if not also cut out by pressure, the red indicating light will burn. (If the ignition switch is on and the air pressure over 4 to 5 pounds).
c. The Temperature Needle on steady driving, should indicate 650 to 800 degrees. It is notr a sensitive instrument and is accurate only when the car is in steady operation.
d. The Air Pressure Needle at the bottom of the Power meter. This gage indicates the pressure in the air system and should register from 5 to 8 pounds when the car is being driven. Should the pressure rise above ten (10) pounds, adjust the relief valve . . . .

Karl Petersen

Re: Doble "POWER" gage by Schaeffer & Budenberg, Brooklyn.
April 07, 2023 02:10PM
This image is developed from a picture of Abner at the wheel of a car with no throttle wheel, having a foot throttle, so it is probably an E model touring car. It shows the upper scale being graded from dark to light with a diagonal line.
You can almost read "Schaeffer & Budenberg," "Brooklyn, N.Y." the word "POWER" and three fine lines saying which needle goes to which scale.


Karl Petersen

Re: Doble "POWER" gage by Schaeffer & Budenberg, Brooklyn.
April 09, 2023 06:15PM
Since there has been such a buzz of interest on this topic, I feel compelled to submit an image gleaned from my 70,000 Doble files which might be more informative. It was done by Doble Laboratories staff member Mr. Hedene in February, 1922 to record the physical details of the Schaeffer & Budenberg gage received and ready to be integrated into the dashboards of the various test chassis.

Karl Petersen

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