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Educator Steam Buggy

Posted by owenb 
Educator Steam Buggy
January 03, 2023 03:04AM
Hi, Owen Bennett in New Zealand. Having built two 7 1/4inch locomotives for local club use, I have moved sideways and built an “Educator” style buggy as built by Richard Smith in 1967, with tiller steering, clad with plywood over a 1inch box steel frame. Running on an electric mobility scooter motor, I am hoping to run on steam. To that end I have built a two-cylinder double acting steam engine with Stephenson’s Link valve gear, 2inch bore, 3inch stroke. As I don’t weld it is fully fabricated, loosely based on the Stanley Steamer engine. A steam generator will be required and I would like to use the Richard Smith design as he used for the Educator. I would like to run on propane and will need help with control valves, etc. I joined SACA about a year ago but had no luck trying to communicate, better luck this time I hope. Will attach photos as soon as I can find a way to reduce their size. Cheers, Owen.
Re: Educator Steam Buggy
January 03, 2023 10:27AM
Hi Owen,
Please review the SACA website and the on-line store for documents on the educator design and the Richard Smith mono-tube designs. I haven't seen any boilers like the educator in actual function or performance. At least not since the original. I have seen an excellent Smith mono-tube as performed on Jerry Oliver's steam motorcycle. If you are a mono-tube guy, I recommend the Richard Smith's bike mono-tube design.

The store room link: SACA store room

I'm pretty sure Jerry monitors this forum and if interested in contacting Jerry, I can set up the contact info after vetting it through Jerry. Jerry and I talk on the phone like once a week.

Love that you are building a steam buggy. It will be a great learning experience.smiling smiley I love your steam engine. Does it run nicely on air?

Kind regards,
Stanley on a budget
January 03, 2023 03:28AM
Further to my last post . . . see attached photos

Re: Educator Steam Buggy
January 03, 2023 12:13PM
Hi Folks,

In the name of simplicity, I merged the two topics since they cover the same project.

Re: Stanley on a budget
January 08, 2023 01:04PM
smiling smiley smiling smiley smiling smiley Gosh that's a beautiful engine, and a really nice buggy! Best of 2023 to you!
Re: Educator Steam Buggy
February 20, 2023 04:57PM
Having been there and done that, I would recommend using the control system in the Educator buggy drawings. I frequently filled the tanks, lit off the burner and drove the Educator until the sun went down or the water ran out (non-condensing), and never had to touch anything.

I have absolutely no idea why no one has ever simply built a duplicate. Propane is fine so long as you do not leave any place for escaped propane vapor to accumulate including the garage or shed.

Keep us posted!!

Karl Petersen
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