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Fall Steam Automobile Meet-2022

Posted by Rick.H 
Fall Steam Automobile Meet-2022
September 09, 2022 08:19AM
I'm pleased to announce that I'll be attending the 2022 Fall Steam Automobile Club of America - Meet in Berrien Springs, MI hosted by Tom Kimmel. One of my jobs at the Meet is to organize presentations. Typically I try to follow this type of logic in the preperation of presentations.

I get a head of myself. The dates on the Meet are October 6th through the 9th. Thursday night is a meet & greet at Tom's house.

Friday morning presentations: Tom's introduction and welcoming speech followed generally with steam project build status. Also, anyone who brings a steam vehicle will get great recognition and may provide their build record as the greatest interest is in the pudding...how it was built.

Saturday morning presentations; we continue any builder's presentations and move into more general type of presentations from electric car comparisons to steam cars to new steam engine designs. We welcome any new ideas and methods.

Sunday morning presentations can be continued from Friday and Saturday along with anything that might be abstract or specific to a particular interest. An example of this might be a rocket stove burner for steam engines.

My effort and request is that you contact me with any presentation you may want to give. Presentations are typically either in a PDF format or just pictures. If you just wanted to send me a couple of pictures from your phone, I can put that into a short presentation that provides a good show to the audience as you may talk through your wonderful steam journey. If you are a sophisticated presenter and are use to Powerpoint, Excel or other presentation formats or means, then by all means, give this presentation.

I offer no judgment on the content of the presentations unless asked. Please provide pictures or presentations to me by email: rheinig@stny.rr.com or I offer if coming from your phone with typical google account then send to my google email: rheinig007@gmail.com Then at least a very simple communication is via phone: text and attach pics to my phone (607) 215-2866. You're welcome to call me also.

Don't hesitate to ask questions. If you were to ask if I think my particular idea for a steam engine is worth presenting. Well the answer is yes. If you hear about this offering for presentations from this forum, you are automatically a good fit for a presentation. Of course it is always a good idea to bring show-in-tell items to pass around to the audience. This adds to effectiveness to your presentation. Please provide this offering also? I can work with Tom or others to see how we can accommodate these items if large and awkward in shape and size along with weight.

Last is that you may private message me through this forum. Hope all is well with everyone,

Kind regards,
Rick Heinig
(607) 215-2866

P.S. as the intent of this gathering of presentation material is to be as informal as possible. The presentations are intended to be informal and as welcoming as possible. Even if you have never got in front of an audience, I would endeavor you to try and I'll support you.

I'm preparing a presentation about the logic behind the Stanley Steam Engine Design. I attached some slides as a preview.

Re: Fall Steam Automobile Meet-2022
September 11, 2022 05:26PM
Thanks for the info Rick!

Myself, I won't be able to come this year but maybe 2023 I'll show up.
Hopefully with a new steam car and lot of things to talk about.

Re: Fall Steam Automobile Meet-2022
September 13, 2022 07:03AM
Sounds exciting...look forward to it. Let me know if there is anything I can help out with?
Re: Fall Steam Automobile Meet-2022
October 02, 2022 06:16AM
Burt Hermey is coming to the Meet. He agreed to provide a build status on his Ofeldt powered Stanley. Just saying...

Re: Fall Steam Automobile Meet-2022
October 14, 2022 07:33AM
Hi everyone,
A follow up to the SACA Meet. I count 14 regular steam enthusiasts showed at the Meet and 2 drop ins totaling 16 max on Saturday.

Presentations included Burt's Ofeldt build (nice job by-the-way), Bill Ryan-Go cart, Nick Mesmer's steam car and my build status along with a presentation on the Reason for the Stanley 10 HP Design.

However, the main theme of the meet was about The Richard Smith Design and Developments presented by Karl Peterson. Some of the mentionable concepts that were explained in detail were the Mono-tube steam generator, it's control and applications. Other concepts include the conversion of 2-stroke engines into either bump valve or poppet valve with attention to the Mercury Outboard motor conversion. These are classified as Uniflow steam engines. What is remarkable about RJ Smith's work is that he and Karl demonstrated some stellar efficiencies.

Jamison Young brought his steam powered dune buggy and ran it on Saturday. It was fun and exciting to see. Jamison also provide a presentation to explain the workings of his project. This was the only vehicle that ran at the Meet. Even though it did not make it down the road any, it did provide sound progress and a promising future. At one point it provided a little bang where some residual propane built up in the fire box...all good and adds to the excitement. Don't worry, as we all have fire extinguishers available with our projects, his was right there.

On a personal note, I would rate the Meet as a good one. There has been better ones in the past. To me, it is always good to learn and see steam stuff.

This kind of sums up this post. I ask that it remain open for a couple of weeks to answer any questions or for feed back on the Meet.

Kind regards,
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