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Coil Winding - Gearbox

Posted by Rick.H 
Coil Winding - Gearbox
July 01, 2022 09:24AM
Hi All,
I brought this variable gearbox home from the Mini-meet this past spring. Gus Dickerson was helpful for me to find this machine. I intend to wind helical and pancake coils alike.

I know Tom Kimmel and Gus's dad have machines. Jerry Oliver has one too. I'll be adapting this gearbox to do the same.

Helical coils for future Ofeldt Boiler designs.

Pancake coils for future economizers, super heater and something I'll call a flash coil along with re-heater coil. Note that Gerry Hackett used a flash coil on his Stanley Bus. He nick named it the Grzyb Coil after Tony Grzyb. This is like a super heater coil where the feed water passes to feed the boiler.

The 3 HP motor that came with it is scrap. I'm in the market for one. However, I would like to have a motor with precise speed control and, in forward and reverse.

I have some ideas on fixtures. However, I'm open for new ideas and concepts?

Kind regards,

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