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Assembled Vehicles

Posted by frustrated 
Assembled Vehicles
June 06, 2022 01:27PM
It occurs to me that we almost never hear anyone talk about what it takes to build a vehicle and place it on the road. So, I did a little research and found the Michigan rules for "Assembled Vehicles" (attached). Some of this makes me wonder -- if you build the engine, how do you deal with questions like proof of ownership, cost, and so on? I filled out an information request form online, and received an automated reply directing me to a dozen websites answering everything but what was asked. They promise that a real-life human bean will contact me as soon as their overwhelming workload permits. (That was a nice touch, I needed a laugh today).

So, this makes me wonder how many other people have checked out the regulatory climate in their locality -- anyone want to report back?


Re: Assembled Vehicles
June 06, 2022 01:34PM
I was able to download the vehicle inspection form. It's less stringent than I feared.
open | download - Vehicle Inspection Form.pdf (519.4 KB)
Re: Assembled Vehicles
June 28, 2022 03:48PM
It's quite possible that for a single person to build a car in their garage and place it on the road, a basic safety inspection will suffice. But if someone were to build 1000 cars and sell them anywhere, I'm sure there would be hundreds of pages of federal requirements for a "manufactured" vehicle.

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