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Doble lubrication

Posted by steam lover 
Doble lubrication
May 27, 2022 02:58PM
Ref to topic
Doble paper Oct 20 1916
Floyd Clymer's Steam car scrapbook PG 144 & 202

Is Doble Right in his use of light weight engine oil for his steam cars? In Floyd's book PG 202 if says that E19 had
183,000 miles and another one like it has gone 360,000 miles. If Doble is right, it sure simplify's steam car construction, and if needed one could still do oil injection in the uniflow exhaust ports!
Thoughts, Coments? Is there any one who uses the Doble method of lubrication and how has it worked for you?it
Re: Doble lubrication
May 27, 2022 06:38PM
The problems with the Doble and White is the superheat temperature. It often exceeds the ratting of the steam cylinder oil causing the valve rings to seize.

Most steam cylinder oil is only rated 500 F, some modem oil can hold fairly good for peeks of 700F but not for long.


Re: Doble lubrication
February 20, 2023 05:06PM
The Doble-Detroit advocated many things which were dead wrong as the Abner owned up to after leaving Detroit. The later systems used steam cylinder oil injection before the valve and at higher temperatures used cooling of the HP surfaces to avoid carbonization. There is no free lunch.

Karl Petersen
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