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Posted by Todd M 
October 15, 2021 09:22PM
I am still pondering what to do about my Stanley engine. Thanks for the responses to the other thread I started but now I am rethinking the whole thing. To recap : I have almost two engines, one has new modern bearings but the engine gear is corroded and pitted. The other is essentially stock with the ball bearing eccentrics and roller bearings for the crankshaft and its gear seems to be in very good shape. I was going to take them apart and swap the good gear into the engine with the modern bearings. 

So I ordered a 50 ton jack to upgrade my press and when it came it had been dropped and it doesn’t work. So I am returning it and it gave me time to rethink this whole thing. My options are:

1 Take them both apart and swap the gear.
2. Don’t swap parts and just use the modern bearing engine but with the worn gear.
3. Use the stock engine with the original style bearings and be done with it.

The old style bearings and races seem to be in very good shape so I am wondering whether it is worth the effort to have modern bearings. BTW the modern bearings are not the self aligning style if that makes a difference,

Thanks Todd
Re: Analysis/Paralysis
October 17, 2021 04:13AM
I'd stick with the old unit if I were you. If there is a problem - well solve it later - my guess is the old style will work fine and you will save yourself a lot of hassle.


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Re: Analysis/Paralysis
October 18, 2021 07:07AM
I agree with Mike...

However, you should be able to rotate the engine by hand. You should be able to feel if the bearings are in good shape. Note that the bearing outer race is a split assembly. Hope it wasn't split since factory assembly. Again, you should be able to feel it. It should be pretty smooth.

With this info, your decision will be clear.

Kind regards,
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