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Brooks Engine?

Posted by alsancle 
Brooks Engine?
March 04, 2021 08:11AM

Anyone have any thoughts on what this engine is?

Re: Brooks Engine?
March 04, 2021 12:08PM
Curious...where was this picture taken? If that can be identified, that would casemate the Brooks Model. For instance, was it taken in Canada or Buffalo? Where there is smoke there is fire.

Are you trying to sell it?

In the AACA forum you attached, Ron has the best guess and I agree that it is closest to a Brooks. The fire tube boiler is a good match. If you look at Tom Kimmel's website, the exhaust tube is a good match. If you look at Preston services engine, the rectangular part of the cross-head box is a good match.

The other thing is that the rear end, it is plausible that this is a later generation of a late Stanley rear end. It would make sense. Brooks design did take off from the Stanley's.

Ron also said that many guys tried to duplicate the Stanley later design. It could be a one-off. Hopefully some others will chime in...

Thanks for bringing it out for investigation
Re: Brooks Engine?
March 04, 2021 09:38PM
The boiler has a water leg. With a water leg, that is also a Brooks type of boiler.
Re: Brooks Engine?
March 05, 2021 04:30PM
Not mine. Just cross posting from the AACA forum. I'll ask the original poster where the pictures came from.
Re: Brooks Engine?
March 06, 2021 12:20PM
Engine is in Victoria BC. PM and I'll give you the guys email address. This was his message to me:

Just to let you know, this engine is sitting on property that is for sale (open house today) with bids being looked at on Monday. This engine is in a very difficult spot to get to..around the side of a house with blackberry vines on both ends of a narrow passageway. Not sure how the hell they got it in there.The only easy way would be to hire a Bobcat to lift and move it to the other side of the house that has a driveway...I hate these rushed deals but I thought I should let you know..someone would have to be REALLY interested in this engine for me to move forward.
Re: Brooks Engine?
March 08, 2021 06:12AM
Engine has been recovered. I asked for some pictures of the car and if any get posted publicly I'll cross them over here.


I am happy to report that Mark has recovered the Brooks engine..I know Mark but I had no idea he owned a Brooks!

Mark and a friend opened the engine up to check for damage ...everything looked good so they lubricated it and buttoned back up and had it running on compressed air!

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Re: Brooks Engine?
March 08, 2021 06:48AM
Good news that it will be put to good use...
Re: Brooks Engine?
March 08, 2021 11:31AM
Parts are going to be used for this car.

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