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New Book

Posted by frustrated 
New Book
February 02, 2021 05:29AM
Tom Kimmel is offering yet another book in his series on steam automobiles and light steam technology. This volume primarily focuses on two automotive projects from about a century ago. The first of these is the Scott-Newcomb automobile. This car was the collaboration between two engineer/entrepreneurs, Edward C. Newcomb and Lewis L. Scott. Newcomb apparently never attended college but ended up being granted a doctorate in Mechanical Engineering by the Society of Automotive Engineers and taught at MIT. He worked on an electric car in the 1890s, as a teenager, and around 1900 developed a steam system that with a fully functioning flowmotor -- something that is incorrectly credited to Rollin White and his magnificent White steamers. As with other steam cars, the business floundered but the men turned around and marketed the burner for home heating applications, and built up a very successful business.

The other story starts out with William Winslow and his high pressure boilers. He developed a workable design that was later essentially copied by others, including Thomas Derr. He joined forces with the Doble-Detroit people to develop the Amalgamated steam car company -- which also didn't go far. Sometimes things are in the air, in a dead heat with Scott-Newcomb they also introduced a home oil heater to the market, which also became a commercial success. Winslow hired a firm of automotive engineers named Page, Beck & White to further refine his steam trucks and this led off on a complicated story that produced the Chicago Steam Bus Syndicate and ended with the engineers founding Steam Vehicle Corporation of America -- which is the firm that took over the business from Stanley when they folded.

Re: New Book
February 02, 2021 03:30PM
I just bought one.
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