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Serpollet Boiler & Engine

Posted by Rick.H 
Serpollet Boiler & Engine
December 30, 2020 09:26AM
I was hoping that someone could provide the steam rate on a Serpollet Engine (Pounds per hour)? My guess or assumption is that the standard engine used ~ 1,000 lb/hr.

Also, can one provide a confirmation on some information I ferreted out on the internet? The Serpollet boiler was capabile to produce 17 lb/ft^2 hr (pounds per square foot per hour)...is this a good number? This number comes from a reprint of Serpollet's presentation at Milan symposium in 1906.

As a point of reference, a Doble E made 17.4 lb/ft^2 hr from 480 ft - 88 ft^2 (per Jim Crank book about Doble).

Also, what is the net cross section diameter of the Serpollet boiler tube? How many feet was in a boiler package?

Note that I recently joined the British Steam Car Club. I will communicate on this forum also to see if any more information about Serpollet is available there.

I find that what information I've found about Serpollet is that he had some really great concepts! Humbly, I'm just starting to figure it out, how great the concepts are.


Re: Serpollet Boiler & Engine
January 03, 2021 04:36PM
Some concepts for a Serpollet little putts-around-buggy. This would use standard tires, flash boiler and condenser on the front (latest version). I like the 52 inch wheelbase the best.

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