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Posted by Jeremy Holmes 
Re: Funding
October 30, 2019 06:41AM
Hi Frustrated,

Jeez wow, you put in a lot of work to reply to my 3 cents. Erm well my boiler doesn't work that way. We're comparing apples to Nike shoes. I built the boiler and tested it last year. Stupid me I should have kept the whole thing and donated it to Tom's shop, since he has a museum of everything ever made lol. But after the compressor blew up on the 4th test I decided I was done and threw it all in the trash haha. I did make some videos though. Anyway it makes sc steam with 1240 btu per pound. But its for powerplants.... Nobody wants to tear apart their $100 million powerplant to save a few bucks. Mostly, they don't want to be seen as investing in anything that isn't renewable in 2019/2020, their shareholders would crucify them. Guess I was a few years too late to the party.

I've never attached a picture before, hopefully this works. This is mid-test. In 60 minutes I spent 5.3kw of energy to make 15 lbs of sc steam. (3300psia/1000F) My test boiler is all electric but it could be half electric and half fire if desired. Anyway you know what, let's forget I mentioned it smiling smiley
Re: Funding
November 05, 2019 05:44PM
Jeremy I've looked over your work, and it's quite impressive. Several paths you have gone down have never been considered by anyone before. It's good work. And that should be worth something, right?

Hi Kyle, thanks for that.

I also own this forum [www.fieldlines.com]

Its good to see like minded folks.
Re: Funding
November 13, 2019 11:09AM
Hey Jeremy that's a cool Forum.
I would share that all over Facebook if I actually had anyone to see my posts lol
Oh but I can share it on LinkedIn. Lots of energy-related Contacts.

Re: Funding
November 14, 2019 11:32AM
The product of my lifetime of energy research has revealed to me; the original source of all energy is endless and inexhaustible. That is it which energizes everything else. It was termed radiant energy by N Tesla. What we deal with commonly here is only the product of it's action on other substances, and our current energy systems are predominantly what we would call a closed loop system of energy. While the real source of energy is an open system with massive energy flowing in from space out there. However a few inventors, Tesla was the main one starting it off in our time. Created inventions that tapped into the real origin of all energy. But such inventions promised to immediately invalidate all other forms of energy with endless free for all energy that the big energy marketers would not be able to control for profit. So they went to great lengths to shut down all of those inventions, hide them from the public, try to make everyone think such things don't exist. And even assassinate a few inventors who tried to push their inventions too much. And in their efforts they managed to take control of the education system as well to control what is taught on energy systems. Just to make sure their money making system continues to be the main one in use. If things had been allowed to go where they were headed over 100 years ago, we would long ago have all been driving electric cars that never needed to be plugged in. all energy for all needs would run that way with just little solid state boxes with simple electronic energy grabbers built in, very cheap to make. A solid state version of N Tesla's invention of 110-120 years ago.
But because that is not allowed by the greed of the richest men of earth. (no one in the know dares hardly talk about it without incurring their deadly wrath) we are stuck with all this outdated crap, much of it still causing mass pollution. Even in the steam power realm things were invented that would have revolutionized it. Heated boilers with such a small amount of energy input that it was insignificant. What could be described as a sonic resonance water heater would have done it nicely.
I don't have much time nor energy to re-develop much of it. Only working on what will enable me to grow good food and get by easier when the whole mass of modern technology crumbles. It's been built up on such a fragile foundation it's going to give way before long, with the production of food and life necessities having come to depend on it, it'll be a drastic calamity when it gives way. I happen to like old technology and it's reliable, so whatever I can't create of the radiant energy tapping inventions I can create in the way of solid fueled engines. So that's where the old invention of the steam engine comes in as potentially useful. Even if I make an old IC flywheel engine just for interest. In can be converted to steam with the exchange of a few parts, it can be run as is on wood gas. There are several options for running things when petroleum fails due to disaster or whatever, interrupting it's processing and distribution. Driving up it's cost and making it scarce. Anyone who hasn't been blinded by ease and peace mongering should be able to see it's heading that way, just a matter of when.
Re: Funding
November 15, 2019 06:27PM
And even assassinate a few inventors who tried to push their inventions too much. And in their efforts they managed to take control of the education system as well to control what is taught on energy systems.

Ya I heard about the owner of infinite energy magazine getting shot in his own driveway.

Unfortunately cold fusion energy is out of the scope for my topic.

edit correct sp

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