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turboelectric vehicle

Posted by Ed Ferris 
Re: turboelectric vehicle
August 08, 2019 01:35PM
I, too, drive a Prius, and that thing is a money pit. Cute, though, and maneuverable. However, one bar on the battery display is about 1.2 cents worth of gasoline at current prices, so all that regen may save you a dime in a day's running about town. The (Gen2) battery stores 2.5 kW-hr, which is 13.5% of a gallon's energy, or 26 cents' worth. It would be a lot more practical to use an electric transmission only, like in the Reeves cars (made here in Richmond, Indiana) from the 1920's. Toyota did make a free-piston alternator and claimed better efficiency than its crankshaft engine.
As for electric braking, as opposed to electrically-actuated mechanical brakes, I read a report on the Internet that a wheel motor can provide 1g. It would seem that whatever acceleration you designed the motor for would also be available in reverse, for braking. The resistive brake is a well-known electric-locomotive device.
So, let me revise my proposal to delete the battery and just let the turbogenerator provide electricity to the drive motor or motors.
Re: turboelectric vehicle
August 09, 2019 09:20AM
Real regenerative braking along with efficient electric motors and controllers allow a battery with around the energy of 2 to 2.5 gallons of gasoline to run a car as far as around 12 gallons of gasoline in an IC engine. It also makes brakes last a very long time since you don't need to use them during most normal stops. Hybrids are an intermediate step between IC (or steam) and battery electric vehicles. They combine the problems of both worlds, even with Toyota's excellent engineering.

Lohring Miller
Re: turboelectric vehicle
August 09, 2019 10:28AM
What I forgot was that the battery drive is working at 80% efficiency while an ICE is below 20% in everyday use. So, yes, the battery has several times the effective energy.
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