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Calling all machinists

Posted by kyleborg 
Calling all machinists
January 20, 2019 07:04PM
Who has a machine shop (and time and skill) to help me with a project? I've got $5,000 I can pay someone to start.

The long-winded description is below, email me if you are interested. kyleborghini@gmail.com

Pressure vessel (13 lbs steam storage).
7" OD / 4" ID stainless steel pipe, capped/plugged at both ends. Length about 2 feet. Not much machining required but its freakin heavy.

4 cubic inch Engine.
Predator 212 bottom end and cylinder (used as crosshead). Crank stroke is 2.16".
Cast iron (machined) steam cylinder, 3.5" OD iron bar stock, having a 1.1" or 1.5" dia piston (depending if double-acting or single uniflow, tbd).
Mounster cylinder head(s) - Tom Kimmel has the castings.
The heads, steam cylinder, valve(s), etc will be machined to Mounster blueprints.

Engine will be 4 cid and use 13 lbs/hr (steam conditions are 2500psi/995F).

I'll supply all materials, you do the machining.

This will be built as a one-shot device for some quick testing and nothing more.
I won't be condensing the steam or doing anything to make the engine useable in, eg., a car.
It will have a fixed cutoff (about 4%) and just one cam profile.

I have investors standing by with contracts If I can get the engine to produce 6 HP or more.

Who wants to help?

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Re: Calling all machinists
January 24, 2019 08:41PM
The best place to start with custom CAD 3D model and assy drawings. Where your going to run into problems is that the the machinist will like to make a large batch say one hundred of each piece.

At least if you have drawings, you can shop around.
Re: Calling all machinists
January 29, 2019 04:59PM
I have the Mounster blueprints (from the SACA archives) for the steam cylinder/head. There isn't much to do other than those things. And, I'd much rather have an experienced steam club person do the machining, rather than some super high tech machine shop that doesn't know the first thing about steam.
Re: Calling all machinists
January 29, 2019 05:47PM
Ok I will try to post again...

The final say is fit and function. this falls with the operator and designer. I have ALOT of parts but I just take the part and do final machining. I have "blanks" that require final machining and is done "in house".
Re: Calling all machinists
January 31, 2019 12:23PM
Thanks for the info Jeremy. But I don't quite understand the meaning of it. Perhaps you mean any old shop can machine something, but making it all work really falls to 1). the designer and 2). the operator. ??? I guess I would be considered the designer and operator. So I just need to find a competent machinist. spinning smiley sticking its tongue out
Re: Calling all machinists
January 31, 2019 01:37PM
I'm in the process of moving my shop right now and may be able to help you with this in two or three weeks. I do all types of machining etc, but I don't do any type of boiler work.

Re: Calling all machinists
January 31, 2019 04:41PM
Hi Kyleborg,

all work really falls to 1). the designer and 2). the operator. ??? I guess I would be considered the designer and operator.

this rule comes from any steam code. For example being the operator without understand limits. I have read quite a few boiler operator prep guide. They will discuss things like "boiler trim" .

That considered steam automobiles, do not generally require a certified operator, but it is very good to have intimate knowledge as a whole.

Even so, as per other threads the boiler is a critical part of a complete engine assy. based on engine design the boiler and the engine must be properly matched.

Alot of people use compressed air to dynamically test new engines.

Mono tube heat exchanger is notoriously difficult to control. But it has been done many times.

Running such a system (thermodynamics) is key aswell the the construction.

Feel free to ask more questions smiling smiley
Re: Calling all machinists
January 31, 2019 04:44PM
Ron thanks for the reply. I won't be building a boiler, those things are a mystery to me. Most of the work is just the Mounster cylinder head. I'm trying to get a set of castings from Tom K but he's been too busy to mess with me lol

Let's keep in touch

- Kyle B
Re: Calling all machinists
January 31, 2019 04:47PM
Jeremy thank you. You can bet I'll have more questions, you guys are much more knowledgeable than me.
I plan on being at the Spring meet in March, I'll bring my questions with me winking smiley


- Kyle B
Re: Calling all machinists
January 31, 2019 05:45PM

Sounds good. Let me know.

Re: Calling all machinists
February 15, 2019 09:28PM
Hey Ron, could you give me an idea whereabouts you are located? I have 4 addresses - in TX, AR, KY and MT.
I'm acquiring raw materials and I think it would be best if I had them shipped to the address of mine that is nearest to you so I have less re-shipping to do.


Kyle B
Re: Calling all machinists
February 17, 2019 03:50AM
Hi Kyle,
A gentle correction, the Mini Meet as we call it, this will be the first weekend in May. May 4-5, 2019 at Tom's shop as you have referred to him before. I'm going to the meet and can bring reasonable sized materials to Ron if you would like. I drive by Ron on my way to Western Michigan from upstate NY (Finger Lakes area).

There's another guy, Tony, he might be willing to help also.

Looking forward to meet you and shooting off steam smiling smiley

Kind regards,
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