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Steam Propelled Spacecraft

Posted by Scott Finegan 
Steam Propelled Spacecraft
January 11, 2019 09:01AM
Re: Steam Propelled Spacecraft
January 11, 2019 10:08AM
"It's awesome," Metzger says of the demonstration. "WINE successfully mined the soil, made rocket propellant, and launched itself on a jet of steam extracted from the simulant. We could potentially use this technology to hop on the Moon, Ceres, Europa, Titan, Pluto, the poles of Mercury, asteroids—anywhere there is water and sufficiently low gravity."

Yeah that's great until a gust of cosmic wind blows out the pilot light smiling smiley

Re: Steam Propelled Spacecraft
January 11, 2019 01:57PM
This explains the clouds trailing the spacecraft in the old Flash Gordon serials...
Re: Steam Propelled Spacecraft
January 11, 2019 03:06PM

Re: Steam Propelled Spacecraft
January 11, 2019 08:58PM
"The spacecraft uses deployable solar panels to get enough energy for mining and making steam"

Geez, why am I messing with burners and vaporizers and all this other crap when alI you need are deployable solar panels to make steam? I feel so stupid confused smiley.

This is coming out of a university in Florida...and they call it "WINE"...coincidence? I bet this project was developed after the "BEER" and "BONG" collaboration fell through.

I wonder if it can mine and make steam on Uranus...

OK....I will stop now....sorry.


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Re: Steam Propelled Spacecraft
January 11, 2019 09:23PM
Re: Steam Propelled Spacecraft
January 12, 2019 04:33PM
It all makes sense to me. We can get energy from nuclear reactors in solar panels ... but you have nothing to move your spacecraft with once you throw your boost mass away. There are any number of satellites with plently of electric power but no fuel left to manuever ... you gotta toss mass away in order to get an equal and opposite reaction. Rock would work well, also, if you employed some sort of mass launcher, but turning water into steam is far more readily managed. This may well be a variant of technology used for deflecting asteroids away from possible earth collision trajectories.
Re: Steam Propelled Spacecraft
January 14, 2019 04:50AM
Jamison...LOL! Thanks for the levity.
Re: Steam Propelled Spacecraft
January 14, 2019 07:58PM
Jamison and all,

OK, you guys went there, so here, with no additional comment, is, well, here it is.

I just saw this on "Svengoolie" the other night... supposedly a "family friendly" TV show... blame Sven...


Why go to the outer solar system, when you can just drive to Missouri to get to... OK, I am just NOT "going there"...

smiling smiley

I guess folks there just got fed up being the, ahem, "butt" of jokes about their town name....

Yes, I am "easily amused": [svengoolie.com]

Personally I'm more fascinated by Ultima Thule... also, the phrase you are looking for Ken is "reaction mass". I have an idea along those lines... anyone know a source for data on interplanetary trace gas densities in Earth stratosphere and within our solar system?


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Re: Steam Propelled Spacecraft
January 14, 2019 11:57PM
Butt seriously... oh stop it... density of hydrogen & helium in upper atmosphere and beyond. Not a joke about the other kind of gas...

Fusion-powered space ramjets have been proposed to use gases in interstellar space as reaction mass; my idea is to use the much greater density of gases within our solar system as reaction mass.
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