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Just bought an old steam engine...

Posted by Arch-Tone 
Just bought an old steam engine...
December 01, 2018 11:41PM
Just bought an old steam engine off eBay. Can anyone identify it? Here is the description and pictures:

NAVY STEAM ENGINE-- Seller told me it was used in a Navy steam powered boat  in the boiler room (Ca. 1920's or earlier) area.  It came out of a ship yard in the state of Washington.  I don't believe I have ever seen another , and I don't know anyone else who has.-- Pretty powerful--Total of 5" across the (cylinder and steam chest area).  The head looks to be is app. 3" across (piston area).  The engine is  app.- 18" "long (21.5" to the back of the hanger  bracket) which is attached to the engine.  -  14 1/2" wide   -6" flywheel  -   3" stroke.  App. 40- 45#  .  I believe they might have moved it around for different uses.  Has a pump type head .  ***** It isn't painted up , because I don't clean or change the look or a original look of the antique  engine. **  Great sound when running.*** Very smooth running..  I have taken it to a couple of engine shows .  Neat , rarely seen display.  Has a mounting bracket attached. It must have been hung somewhere to run or store when not in use , or when in use.(?)  Could be use to power something.  You definitely have a good size shaft to add a pulley to.  Air pressure guessing 25-30 # (maybe less). I believe I only had like 30-32# pressure at the steam engine show. ***It sits on a walnut wood and oak  base .  I did not want to modify , or drill any holes in the engine to attach it to the wood base ,  so it just sits on the  base for display and running. When running the weight of the engine keeps it in place. Probably try to use Fastenal.  Great collectible engine. Last 2 pictures I made a new base and added the pictures.

Re: Just bought an old steam engine...
December 02, 2018 07:23PM
Your images are too small, cant see whats going on
Re: Just bought an old steam engine...
December 03, 2018 10:52AM

Here are some better quality images....if anyone has ANY info about this thing, it would be appreciated. I should receive it in about a week or so and plan on using it on the go kart:

Re: Just bought an old steam engine...
December 03, 2018 05:30PM
Hyde Windlass in Bath Maine started in the 1880s and they still exist as part of Bath Iron Works, building ships for the navy. This weekend I saw where there is a small Hyde Windlass steam engine up for sale. They probably used the steam off the main engines to operate the little
steam engine and consequently the windlass.
Re: Just bought an old steam engine...
December 04, 2018 06:00PM

That could explain the semi-circular mount. Most windlass engines i've seen are double cylinder for self starting and much bigger...perhaps this was used for lighter duty stuff? Very interesting.

From what I can gather so far from the description and the pictures...I believe it is a 2" bore, 3" stroke (double acting) with what looks to be a piston valve due to the cylindrical valve chest. My guess is that the brass cover on the cylinder / valve chest is original...as is most of this engine, with the exception of a few studs on the head that have been replaced with bolts. Not sure how this was originally lubricated, there is a grease fitting on the PTO side bearing and the bottom of the eccentric and the flywheel side bearing both have open ended rectangular boxes that appear to have some kind of wicking element inside. Will definitely need to use a hydrostatic oiler for the valve and cylinder. Anyone have a recommendation on what steam oil to use? Any tips on what to check for when I receive it? I would like to dismantle it and do a thorough inspection, but I don't want to screw anything up. ANY advice on inspecting, testing, running and maintaining a steam engine of this vintage would be appreciated.

Re: Just bought an old steam engine...
December 04, 2018 08:29PM

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