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New SACA Board Member

Posted by frustrated 
New SACA Board Member
October 29, 2018 10:06AM
A while back I had to regretfully accept Pat Farrell's resignation for health reasons that have already been discussed on the Forum. Pat has done a fine job assisting Scott Finnegan in weeding out inappropriate Forum posts, and the discussion has been progressively more civil due to their efforts. Pat has also been a reliable source of information when I've been stumped, not to mention being absolutely reliable weighing in on Board business. I can't adequately express my appreciation.

Rick Heinig allowed his name to be placed in nomination for election to the Board; and has been approved unanimously. Rick has already shown his willingness to contribute by assisting in sourcing suppliers for the SACA Storeroom. I hope everyone will wish him a "welcome aboard".

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Re: New SACA Board Member
October 29, 2018 08:06PM
I welcome new board member Rick Heinig to our SACA board of directors. It was with great pride that I served on the SACA board of directors. As a new director, I am sure that Rick will find my same pride as he directs the future of SACA.
Me, as a moderator for our SACA forum, I found the moderator job quite easy, and very few postings were ever needed to be deleted by me. We now finally have a great group of guys posting. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.
My cancer is presently being treated by chemotherapy, and I am feeling a lot better.
Re: New SACA Board Member
October 30, 2018 10:00AM

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Re: New SACA Board Member
October 30, 2018 11:47AM
Excellent choice! Rick is a great guy and will do a good job.
Thanks for stepping up!

Re: New SACA Board Member
October 30, 2018 08:38PM

Congrats Rick! Now that we have another "doer" on the Board-who knows what will happen!!

Re: New SACA Board Member
November 03, 2018 05:34AM
Hi Guys,
Thank you all so much! I'll endeavor to promote the club and offer what knowledge and experience I can offer. On the other hand, I'll be learning along the way. Always interested in new and exciting ways to have fun with Steam.

Hoping you all have seen the video of my steam powered scooter running at the last SACA Meet. Also, pictures of the build are in this website under yours truly, named in the gallery listing. The Scooter is a clean sheet design intended to develop my steam knowledge with relatively low cost to change. Everything is designed to be 1 HP @ 500 rpm to make the effect of change obvious.

My other project is building a H5 replica using a 1905 Stanley 10 HP engine and using a model T frame. I have always loved the H5, Gentleman Speedy Roadster and in particular the 1908 version. Note that the frame is shortened to the same length and dimensions of the Stanley EX. I'll post my progress and share the development of this vehicle as I progress. I have built the Ofeldt boiler and burner along with the frame, these are shown in previous threads.

Last note is that I'm a BSME from Northeastern University (Boston) in 1984. According to my good friend Tony Grzyb, I don't know anything. It just shows that I'm book smart, you can make elephants fly. He's right...I'm always striving to see how the actual working steam device relates to the equation that was learned. Perhaps we can provide insight to the operation and offer design direction. Nothing beats a working device/vehicle though, it proves everything.

Thanks again for all the kind words,

Kind regards,
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