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Cleaning out the vaporizer

Posted by IronChief 
Re: Cleaning out the vaporizer
January 12, 2019 12:03AM
Bogged down for a while with the crucial control box, but then the usual "where'd that come from?!" out-of-the-blue design breakthrough. All the details all at once. Not as compact as I'd like, but looks "buildable and workable". Low loads, speeds, relatively rarely used; hard to avoid grossly over-designing it. Next thing, more boring blueprinting before the build. Haven't checked here since last post; looks like I missed out on a bunch of good stuff.
Re: Cleaning out the vaporizer
February 02, 2019 01:18AM
Micro progress report: blueprinting on my "Easy-Clean" semi-automatic vaporizing burner steam-clean system is going well; design is now worked out, now detail/component drawings. Just named & numbered all the major parts in drawing index; self-imposed tedious paperwork/bureaucracy; only a few off the shelf fasteners left to name/number. If this system works as well as I think it will, then I might get a little less humble. At this point, it is a fascinating and complex design challenge. The Feds are now working on upping ethanol content of US motor gasoline to 15%; "summer blend" only though; I think that this will increase carbon problems for vaporizing burners running on cheap/convenient "road fuel". The "Easy Clean" system just might be staying a step ahead of the fuel situation.
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