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Old Car Festival Greenfield Village 2018

Posted by IronChief 
Old Car Festival Greenfield Village 2018
September 07, 2018 09:21AM
I'll have the Locomobile over at Old Car Festival tomorrow at the Henry Ford Greenfield Village in Dearborn, Michigan. There are usually several steam cars there, and hundreds of beautiful old cars in attendance. Started by Henry Ford, the show is the biggest, oldest antique car show in the country. The only show bigger is the London to Brighton veteran car tour in the UK.

Our President, Ken Helmick will be there, Gary Hadden and Tony Grzyb will be there too, several other steamfolk will be around as well. Stop by if you can. I'll only be there Saturday as the weather is not looking good for Sunday, that could change (it's Michigan).

Re: Old Car Festival Greenfield Village 2018
September 07, 2018 11:59AM
Hi Ron,
I wish I could be there. Take lots of pictures and post...thanks!

Re: Old Car Festival Greenfield Village 2018
September 10, 2018 08:43AM
Had a great time at the show! Of course the Locomobile decided not to behave all weekend. I'm not certain what the problem was, I seriously think I bought some Kerosene that had gone bad. It wouldn't burn very well, the burner would be going and just go out, it was making carbon really bad in the vaporizer which it has never done before. I did buy the fuel at a different place this time. When I get time I will try to get it sorted out. I ran it two or three other times over the summer on the old fuel I had and it ran perfectly. Sunday before last, I ran it for about the better part of the day at a big barbecue giving rides and no problem. I can't imagine Kerosene being a big seller in the upscale residential area where I purchased it, and over the summer months. I ran it all day Saturday at the show with mediocre burner operation and Sunday-yesterday, it was not wanting to go at all, I was able to build up a head of steam and Ken, Tony and I loaded up the gear, Ken and I hopped on and had enough steam to get out of the village and in to the loading area. The weather was turning bad as well, so it was time to go.

Lots of beautiful cars there, met a lot of interesting people and several interested in steam, passed out some SACA brochures to those interested.

Ken, Sorry about the senior moment, the plan was once we got the car loaded I was dropping you off at your car, I took off and had that "I'm forgetting something" feeling, then it dawned on me, I stopped and Tony and went and picked you up to take you over, wasn't that far, but it was far enough for a lift.

Re: Old Car Festival Greenfield Village 2018
September 10, 2018 10:02AM
Hey Ron,

It was no big deal --- I do a lot of walking, and actually like it. As it was, I barely had a short stroll. Despite the very unseasonable weather, and the kerosene, it was a great weekend. Thanks for the rides!

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