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Fuel metering valves

Posted by IronChief 
Fuel metering valves
April 03, 2018 10:17AM
This is regarding safety precaution for a possible broken liquid fuel line.

I've been picking up some old 1/8th valves recently and I've noticed some intended for fuel service have a metering orifice built in, typically .06" diameter. One of the places I see this is in the service port of a Locomobile pilot tank. I wasn't aware that anyone other than White was doing this, but it's looking as though it was a very common practice.

On my fuel system on the Locomobile, it doesn't have them, but I'm going to add a metering orifice to each fuel tank.

Was this a common practice? It's something I've not read or heard much about.


Re: Fuel metering valves
April 03, 2018 02:59PM
A metering valve is a very good idea. One year on the White Centennial Mount Shasta steam car tour, while coasting down a mountain road with our 1914 Stanley, it lost a 5/16" tubing flare on the line to the fuel pressure gauge. I stopped to see what the extra fuel stink was about. As I opened up the lid on my hood to take a peek, the fuel line finished breaking off the gauge with 140 PSI of Kerosene/gasoline spraying full tilt, and it instantly burst into flames that shot up out of my hood 22 feet into the air. I later compared the height of the flames with the height of the telephone pole that I was stopped next to. If the fuel line had been metered, I probably would have not needed clean shorts. Oh, I used my Stanley's fuel pressure dump valve that I opened up and the fuel pressure quickly dropped off. Two different squirts with my Halon fire extinguisher quickly put the fire out. Mostly paint damage was the result of the fire. 15 minutes later, we were briskly driving down the road in a sooted up Stanley. The Locomobile has a pressurized fuel tank like the White steam also does. In case of an emergency, it is a little tougher do dump their fuel pressures like I did with our Stanley. I am amazed that my wife Merrily, still likes steam car touring.

Re: Fuel metering valves
April 03, 2018 05:23PM

Thanks for that, she sounds like a real trooper smiling smiley

I had a fire on the Locomobile, luckily it was just a 1/8" pilot line and yes, those can sure shake ya up, I thought my car was gone for a minute. I used up a whole fire extinguisher, one pilot (I have two) was still going and it kept reigniting it. Looking back, every bit of it was my fault, for not having a contingency plan in place and dodgy fuel lines. If I had just reached under and shut the valve on the tank it would have immediately went out. It cooked my leather apron and did a little paint damage which was easily fixed.

I rather comically tried the old airplane trick when it first broke out, speed up to blow it out, it almost worked smiling smiley

I just did a calculation on flow size, and a .25" stream is 25 times greater volume than a .06" stream. I'm definitely installing those.

Your Stanley is beautiful. Is that a Model 70?

Thanks, Ron
Re: Fuel metering valves
April 03, 2018 11:48PM
IronChief Wrote:
> Pat, .................................
> I just did a calculation on flow size, and a .25"
> stream is 25 times greater volume than a .06"
> stream. I'm definitely installing those.
> Your Stanley is beautiful. Is that a Model 70?
> Thanks, Ron

Ron, That one is a 1914 Stanley roadster. Model 606. It handles like a sports car, and for only having a 10 hp engine, it goes fast. Cruises easily at 60 mph, but it can go faster if your heat is up.
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