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NorthWest Chapter Summer Meet/Tour

Posted by frustrated 
NorthWest Chapter Summer Meet/Tour
March 19, 2018 05:29AM
AUGUST 17, 18 AND 19
Eric Gleason passes on the word that the SACA Northwest Chapter is planning a meet/tour for August 17-19 in Toledo, Oregon. The details have yet to be worked out on a motel (will be in Newport Oregon, 7 miles away) or tour routes. The meet will be at the same time as a wooden boat show and the annual summer meet of the NW Steam Society. Should be a fun event! More details will be passed on as the details are firmed up.

This is a great opportunity to put the hobby in front of the public ... and for members to have some fun. Let's hope for a great turnout!

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Re: NorthWest Chapter Summer Meet/Tour
August 22, 2018 12:16PM
The Annual SACA NW tour and business meeting is in the books. We had a small turn out. Three steam cars cancelled out within the last week of the tour: one cancelled due to being over booked, another because his tow rig was broken down, and one cancelled when his support mechanic wasn't available. Our chapter editor, Harry Hibler displayed his Stanley 1905 EX project. It is coming along, piece by piece. Our chapter president Eric Gleason steamed his 1918 Stanley model 735 B daily. I, our chapter's secretary/treasurer, drove our 1911 Stanley model 85, 7 passenger, 30 hp touring. Pictured is a scene taken on Bay Street in Newport. The spontaneous crowd had somewhat subsided by the time I had taken this photo. When we arrived for a seafood dinner, we were mobbed by all of the curious people that had never seen a steam car before. It was interesting to blend into the crowd and to listen to their comments. We heard remarks like "Found only in museums." "Jay Leno". "They sound like Ooooooo when they go by". Our 1911 ran perfectly on the 130 mile tour. One morning as were were rapidly rolling along behind modern traffic, I looked at the speedometer and the speedometer needle was hovering at 65 mph. Except for the high wind, we were very comfortable at 65 mph.

Re: NorthWest Chapter Summer Meet/Tour
August 23, 2018 12:15PM
Hi Pat,
Thanks for that update. I appreciate the status of some of these fantastic steamers.

Kind regards,
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