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Needed: Model 740 or 750 Fuel Pressure Tank

Posted by Don Hoke 
Needed: Model 740 or 750 Fuel Pressure Tank
July 18, 2017 09:41PM
Good Evening Steam Enthusiasts!

The fuel pressure tank on The BettyAnne, our 1925 Stanley SV252G, is showing its age. It held pressure for a while, but has sprung a leak.
The leak is now repaired with silver solder and a drain plug, but I suspect this is not a permanent repair.

1. Who has a Stanley Model 740 or 750 fuel pressure tank for sale?

2. Vintage Steam Products would consider making these tanks if we had enough orders to cover the set up cost. How many folks would be interested in one of these tanks. They are about 14" long and 6" in diameter. Each would have a drain plug, a fuel inlet/outlet fitting, and an air inlet fitting. I suspect we would make them from copper just as we do the existing pressure tanks for non-condensing Stanleys. They would be pressure tested to about 350 psi.

3. The Stewart Biography is at the printer. I will have a proof copy at the Stanley Museum Seminar in a few weeks. Thanks very much to the folks who helped sponsor it! $80.00 plus postage and handling. 125 copies in the initial press run. Thank heaven for Print On Demand!

4. If you need something from Vintage Steam Products, I can deliver to Vermont, but Carolyn must know by July 27th at the very latest.

Very best wishes!

Don Hoke
The Virtual Steam Car Museum and Vintage Steam Products.

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