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Mason steam engines

Posted by roypasini 
Mason steam engines
March 29, 2017 04:09PM
I recently bought a Mason engine, serial # C 48. I know Mason made several different model engines, and from what I gather, along with the C in the serial number, this is likely a Model C. I was wondering if anyone knew what different models and horsepower ranges they made. This engine is quite a bit larger than a Locomobile engine. I was also hoping someone could give me an approximate manufacture date for my engine. Also, other than Locomobile, does anyone know what other brands of cars used Mason engines? Thanks!

Re: Mason steam engines
May 13, 2017 09:16AM

The big steam early automobile engine user was the Locomobile. After that there were a few companies that made their own engines and they might be slightly different or even have their name cast into them and their is a chance to identify some of them. The other manufacturers mostly used Mason engines and they are almost impossible to identify per car supplier. After Locomobile stopped buying Masons the next biggest buyer of Mason engines was probably Mobile, Locomobile's twin sister. Locomobile documentation is real hard to come by, Mobile documentation almost none and the smaller makes, well I wouldn't even know where to look. Your engine might be a Mobile or one of another couple dozen car manufacturers or a replacement engine. Mobile had the two pumps on the front of their engines and when parts supply houses sold replacement engines, they usually sold an engine with two pump brackets.


If I had to make a guess on your engine's date I would say probably late 1900, 1901, 1902 or early 1903. Pretty specific huh? The engine has double ways unlike the earliest Masons and I don't think it's a Model C which I believe came out in 1903. If you look in the link above you will see the engine more closely matches the engine of the 1902 catalog. The frames on the Model C widened out at the side and then narrowed back in just before it bolted to the head. I would guess that the engine was probably newer as most early engines just used a flat plate casting for the steam chest. Also the C48 number you mention I do not think is the serial number. There is probably a 4 digit number somewhere on that nice looking engine. You are also have the third engine I've discussed with owners in which the owner has claimed that the C3?, or C4? was their serial number. I believe the C number was a part number or number to aid assembly but I've never seen a photo of what they describe.

Good luck, oldnrusty1
Re: Mason steam engines
May 20, 2017 07:28AM
Thank you very much for the input. It was most informative.
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