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Cool exhaust pipes and hot burners

Posted by IronChief 
Cool exhaust pipes and hot burners
July 25, 2016 11:12AM
Just a note for record in case anyone else encounters this:

About a month ago I finally added the 4" X 24" horizontal pipe for flue gases on the rear deck of the Locomobile just as they are displayed in the original sales brochures. Looked nice, didn't work.

Immediately started having trouble with the pilot lights which are vaporizing white gas. Carboning up and stopping up which they have never done on white fuel. Ran it down at Wauseon Ohio for about two hours a few weeks ago and they stopped up three times. Easy to clean the Optimus Nova burner orifice, just wave a magnet under it.

With the panel seat on it, the wind was coming around pushing on the ends of that pipe and restricting the air through the boiler and causing the pilots to overheat and make carbon. Also, the boiler wasn't making steam as fast. It will boil the gallon of water in the boiler in about one minute from cold normally, someone timed me at Tom's minimeet and it took around three minutes (first time I really ran it with the horizontal pipe) I knew right then something was wrong.

I wondered why they had it on the original cars and how it could work. Then I remembered they had a tube that went through the exhaust duct and down through the water tank with the engine exhaust directed down in it and that induced a draft through the combustion space- kept the air moving, my car doesn't have that. So I will make a nice collar around the square duct coming up and run it like that. I wondered why in so many pics there are steamcars without it, now I know why. Even seen one with two elbows on the ends pointed backwards, someone's fix for the problem, I'm not that endeared to that piece of tubing.

Drove it Saturday for about an hour, less the horizontal pipe and didn't have any trouble at all.

Dropped the burner too, I was happy to see the burner and boiler were very clean and very little carbon residue here and there, after a considerable amount of time running.

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