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Crossland Steam Car

Posted by Karl Petersen 
Crossland Steam Car
May 23, 2016 10:34AM
This was a 1921 development of Harry Crossland Pfaff. He got a hearse manufacturer to fund the construction of one to four cars, but it didn't get into manufacturing.

WHERE IS the one car which was shown at auto shows and is said to still exist. It is called a phaeton.

Karl Petersen
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Re: Crossland Steam Car
May 28, 2016 12:13PM
Great info on yet another steam attempt back then that bit the dust. How many tried and almost made it? I will always wonder if a rare 3 cyl DA Delling exists that was advertised as 62HP with his front engine/boiler combination, Jim Crank searched for years. And then there was the rare
Bryan car tahtwas destroyed by mistake when Mr. Bryan was away on vacation!!! So much rare history lost.

Be well, GeorgeN
Re: Crossland Steam Car
May 29, 2016 12:55PM
Karl, Nice picture, now what was under the hood?

George, That Delling, my two friends who told me about it and where they saw it did not know each other, yet both gave precisely the same information. In a warehouse along with a couple of Miller race cars, a Stanley condensing touring car that one of them bought and both said it was a three cylinder Delling sedan.
Both knew what they were looking at too. We just could not find any such warehouse when we went in search of it. Being in that part of Los Angeles in those days, my .45 was right there next to my seat.
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