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check valves for pressure washer pump

Posted by Jeremy Holmes 
check valves for pressure washer pump
March 15, 2016 05:56PM
I am concerned my pressure washer check valves housing is plastic and could melt. the seats are stainless and is the spring. The head housing is brass.

I remember years ago Jim Crank told me that the check valves could be replaced with chemical check valves housings are made of metal.

I have recently been getting my feed pump (pressure washer pump) gear ratio adjusted and the pump wouldn't work. So I removed the check valves and cleaned them, they work fine now. But again im concerned that the housing could melt.

Ironically I asked if there was a replacement check valve for pumping chemicals. There was, the plastic check valves were only $40 but the set for chemical pumping cost about $200.

So Im going to see if the plastic ones are right, then order the chemical ones. Thanks Jim.

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Re: check valves for pressure washer pump
March 15, 2016 09:01PM
usually easier to buy than make, when they're available. Unless the price is exorbitant and they're easy enough to make. I bought a washer pump for feed pump, haven't noticed what kind of valves it has, have yet to get it set up, will be ready to work on it pretty soon. I've decided boiler no. 2 I'll make one for it out of stainless tubing, make a piston with seal of some kind, a couple ball and spring check valves, maybe electric clutch for automation. Or I could make one with cast brass.
Re: check valves for pressure washer pump
March 15, 2016 09:13PM
I happen to have a lot of experience with this pump, so if I can put metal check valve assy and it fits I will be done. I am also considering making the housing from brass instead of plastic, that's great too. All the sealing parts are already metal.
Re: check valves for pressure washer pump
March 16, 2016 07:54AM
The local live steam club had a pressure washer that wasn't working and needed it (for a pressure washer, not just the pump). I took it apart and the little plastic valves were extruded and the guide portion of the poppets were broke on many of them. There was a 2 piece cage that was the guide and seat with the poppet inside that. It was easier to make some brass valves for the cage/seat items (which were still good) than it was to find parts for the the thing. I installed them and it pumps like a champ! I'm sure they are all a little different but could be easy parts to make.

Jared Schoenly
Re: check valves for pressure washer pump
March 16, 2016 04:08PM
Here is a picture on the check valve for my pump, I may make the plastic part from brass but well see.

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