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BS walks, etc.

Posted by Bill Hinote 
BS walks, etc.
February 25, 2015 07:05PM
Hi all:

I am no longer a member of SACA. I have such severe financial issues that I can no longer support a club membership .I attempted to re-enter the club by attempting to build a viable steam power project which was ultimately beyond the scope of my abilities. Fortunately for me a significant "steam guy" has purchased my efforts and there is a possibility that my efforts in steam power may be recognized and may provide others a way to build their own projects.

The real reason for this post is to recognize that there are so many contributors to the phorum who have their own opinions about steam power--BUT there are so few who have been willing to risk their ideas to produce actual hardware to substantiate their concepts.

I would submit that BS walks--but BS talks!! If you feel so strongly about your concepts then you should create actual hardware which will support your concepts. There are so few actual builds in the SACA and we really need the "builders" to create operating hardware to keep things moving forward.

Just a FWIW-- let's build something and bring it to a steam meet!! PLEASE!


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Re: BS walks, etc.
February 26, 2015 12:09AM
Dear Bill, Sorry to read about your hardships. A word of support for our membership: The people that do the talk, don't seem to produce much of anything that runs. Steam papers produced, yes. People that you don't hear much from usually are the producers. I for one, presently own 5 Stanleys of which two I built from scratch and the other three I have fully reconditioned. I have logged well over 50,000 miles between them all. I am only one of many SACA members that are enjoying their steam automobile transportation that you don't read much about. Much research, money and labor goes into restoring our vintage steam cars back to their original running condition. Every winter, most all of us with cars, spend many hours in our work shops perfecting them. We are here, we just aren't heard much from. SSsssteamer

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Re: BS walks, etc.
February 26, 2015 01:25AM
I talk a lot, well for 3 years or so I didn't set "foot" on this forum. Busy deep in study and research. Only 12 or so years into the research and getting very close to a design that may be worth producing, I am only 35 so barring the bus around the corner, many years left to make things happen.

There will be scores of lessons that I can only learn once the chips are flying and fires are roaring, but my own personal style is to refrain from doing things just to do them. Figure out how to do it right, then do it right. I try to learn from others mistakes and so many times in history, experimenters in steam got a single project made and then spent the next 5, 10 or 20 years trying to get it to work how it was supposed to. There are many "steam paper" people that have been writing them, without making a damn thing, for a decade or more prior to my birth.

As they say, it takes all kinds.

Sorry to hear that you had to abandon your experimental project Bill. Keep your fire burning bright.

Caleb Ramsby
Re: BS walks, etc.
March 01, 2015 02:30AM
Sorry to hear of you problems bill. I have had cash flow problems myself. My family comes first. I cashed out on my interest in Here & There years ago and started on my dream of building a steam car. I purchased a building and put togethet a small machine shop. A bridgeport mile and a Clausing lather Hobart tig welder etc. While I have been staying with my daughter my welder was destroyed by thrives for it's copper. Most of my hand tools stolen Hopefully this next year I will have a better cash flow. My farm lease is up this year. I did a 5 year deal last time. And now I should be able to get 3 times the per acer rate. Needed the money last time. I am holding out this time. Should be able to get nearly the same amount I got for 5 years last time for one year now. It's not a lot but all my property is paid for. As far as expenses I just have utilities, food and transportation.. My social security more then covers that.

But now at 69 I do not move so fast.

Good luck to you Bill. Hope things improve for you.

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