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Can Anyone Identify?

Posted by frustrated 
Can Anyone Identify?
February 10, 2015 05:40PM
I'm forwarding this one in the hopes that one of our expert participants can shed some light on the subject,


Steam car model

I'm in the process of restoring a small model of an early steam car for the Pierce Arrow Museum in Buffalo. It looks a lot like an early Locomobile, but features longitudinal front springs rather than the transverse ones on the Locomobile, the seat, which on pictures of the Locomobile feature spindles instead of the solid back and the fact that the front and rear wheels are different sizes. The model is also missing a dashboard. If anyone could identify this model I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you.

Herb Miska

Re: Can Anyone Identify?
March 22, 2015 12:45AM
The only two-seater I know about with full elliptic front springs was the Cotta, but it is not a Stanhope pattern but has a box in front rather than a footplate. Having those springs out on cantilever springs may not have been practical, so this may simply be a design or patent model.

Karl Petersen

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