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Porous Ceramic Burner

Posted by dullfig 
Porous Ceramic Burner
February 10, 2015 01:42AM
Hello all:

I found this paper on combustion in porous ceramic. It seems that a burner made of porous ceramic has a lot of interesting benefits, like flameless combustion, 1:30 turn down ratio, and 10 times the power density of open flames. They built an experimental boiler (they call it heat exchanger) that puts out 30kw of power in a unit that is aprox. 16" in diameter buy 6" tall. The cross sections of the unit are about page 61.

The paper is a bit boring to read, but the information is worth it I think.

One of the interesting things is they have the water coil buried in ceramic beads. Says it improves heat transfer something like tenfold. Filling a monotube with beads should not be so hard to do. Could be worth a try


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Re: Porous Ceramic Burner
February 10, 2015 01:45AM
here is a link to the paper online

Compact Porous Burner and Heat Exchanger
Re: Porous Ceramic Burner
February 10, 2015 04:43PM
My head is now buzzing after ploughing through that!

The British LSR steamer had a radiant matrix burners where the gas burned within or possibly on the surface of ceramic panels. The burners were supplied from Germany and very little technical information was given out. I guess this paper tells us something of how it worked.

Re: Porous Ceramic Burner
February 10, 2015 05:27PM
Interesting that there was a paper on this topic! I've known about the related patent for a number of years but it didn't provide a lot of information. Between the paper and the patent a lot of holes get filled up.


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Re: Porous Ceramic Burner
February 11, 2015 10:00AM
Interesting patent. The foam mentioned in the report (ZrO2) is actually an off the shelf (sorta) item. I gotta try this burner somehow. Did you see the NOX readings?

The pancake arrangement is interesting.

Re: Porous Ceramic Burner
February 15, 2015 01:50AM
There is a bunch of zirconia foam sold on ebay as filters for casting metals. Bought a couple, gonna try rigging a burner see how well it works.

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