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Posted by dullfig 
Re: Gardner-Serpollett
June 29, 2015 04:05PM
Hi Jim, are there any Stanley Ellis memoirs, with his experiences? that would be really interesting, the Turner boils the water almost totally from the heat stored in the pipe walls 3/4od 1/4id, the fire is replenishing the heat that has been removed, it is on at a fixed rate and so, the cars performance has to work around the heat imput against the steam output, if one was to travel uphill for mile upon mile, the generator coils would chill and performance eventually drop off, if you then travel down hill for mile upon mile, by the time you get to the bottom, you have real superheat! the best roads have ups and downs, to draw off and allow recovery too.

Serpollet is a different beast, air pressure (1.5psi) on the fuel tank, forces the fuel through the mechanical pumps clacks to keep a "low" flame when starting and also when the car is stationary, this warms the coils initially, the mechanical pumps, fuel and water are set in a ratio of 9;1 (from memory) someone can do the maths re btu's?, thus if you start too soon, or chill the generator it takes a long time to recover as there is no excess of heat as per the OO white.
Re: Gardner-Serpollett
June 29, 2015 05:52PM
Indeed there is. Ellis wrote a very funny book,
Google Has it for $12.00. "Smogless Days: Adventures with Ten Stanley Steamers."
His descriptions of going out with Milligan in his car are hilarious.
Just for interest, I wonder how long the turner-Meisse steam generator lasted being treated that way?

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Re: Gardner-Serpollett
June 02, 2021 02:41PM
Hello! I would be grateful if you could tell me from what material the coil of the steam generator steam motorcycle of Pearson and Cox was made
Re: Gardner-Serpollett
June 03, 2021 07:11AM
I have never seen a Person and Cox Steam bike.
However there is one at the Owls Head museum in Main.

Henry Person and Percy Cox were Apprentices at the General Engine and Boiler Co in 1912. that tells me the coiles were made from seamless boiler tubing as that was the standard for all boilers at the time. Dimensions for tubing are listed in Chas A Strellinger & Co Catalog of 1895. If a boiler is constructed of threaded pipe and fittings then it would have been pipe size material. However the bike has wound coils. Tubing.

You could call the museum and ask. Some one might know or go for a ride and see for your self.

Re: Gardner-Serpollett
June 04, 2021 11:18AM
Thank you!
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