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Need 1909/10 White for Taft Home Park Service automobile celebration

Posted by frustrated 
Need 1909/10 White for Taft Home Park Service automobile celebration
October 07, 2014 05:42PM
Hi, Ken, thanks for taking my call today. Love your story about learning to drive a stick – I hope your dad bought you dinner at the end of the long drive at least.

I wrote a book on the Taft presidency and his automobiles, “William Howard Taft and the Firs Motoring Presidency, 1909-1913, so the Taft Home at the National Park Service has asked me to help prepare a celebration of transportation next September.

We’re looking for drivable 1909/10 Whites to help us celebrate the Taft presidency and its dramatic impact on the rise of the automobile in this country. Taft’s first car, which survives at the Heritage Museum in Sandwich, Mass, was a Model M (the White House also purchased two Pierce Arrows and a Baker electric, which is the other survivor), and we’re hoping to have it in Cincinnati for the event.

The event is the week of Sept 13, 2015 in Cincinnati. We’re in the planning stage now, but the Park Service is very excited about this and will be bringing in its resources to make it a great celebration. I’m glad you thought the idea interesting, and I’ll be sure to let you know the details when announcements go out next year.

Many thanks!

Michael Bromley
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