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SACA, Inc. Elections

Posted by SSsssteamer 
SACA, Inc. Elections
May 14, 2014 12:15PM
SACA needs people to fill positions so that we can continue on into our successful future. Please help us be the best in steam. Due to his business load and other pressing interests, our president, Tom Kimmel, will be resigning from the club presidency May 31, 2014. Other positions that may be open are Recording Secretary, Webmaster, two Directors, and the Bulletin Editor. For a seamless transition into our steamy future, please search for possible candidates to fill these positions . Please contact Vice President Ken Helmick with any comments/suggestions.
Re: SACA, Inc. Elections
May 14, 2014 02:56PM
I might add that having more people on the ballot for the Board of Directors would be a nice thing as well; especially if such people might not be up to holding an officer position at the moment but willing to rotate into one in the future.


Re: SACA, Inc. Elections
May 14, 2014 08:32PM
I said a while back that I could be the webmaster.

Nampa, Idaho USA
Re: SACA, Inc. Elections
May 21, 2014 08:37PM
Sorry to hear Tom is opting out. I was always impressed by him when we met up in person...
Re: SACA, Inc. Elections
May 21, 2014 10:26PM
Jeremy Holmes Wrote:
> Sorry to hear Tom is opting out. I was always
> impressed by him when we met up in person...

Hello to all SACA steam enthusiasts:

I'm not sure how many participants are aware of the level of commitment Tom Kimmel has given to this club. His contributions include amusing, sardonic and sarcastic (but always entertaining!) editorials in the magazine. Additionally (and at his own expense) he has sponsored the most successful annual meet each year at his properties and adjacent.

Additionally, he has acquired (at his own expense) a collection of recent and modern examples of steam power hardware; also, he has the most extensive library of literature related to what we might term as "modern steam power", although the time frame extends over a surprising time frame.

I hope all will recognize what I'm trying to convey here, Tom K. is a treasure that we're going to miss when he departs his current situation.

I have had the honor upon a few occasions to become acquainted with Tom. My personal opinion is that it would take an exceptional individual to replace him.

'Nuf said!

Bill H.
Re: SACA, Inc. Elections
May 21, 2014 11:20PM
Yeah, Bill H. I agree with what you said about Tom.

I think I greeted the news with shock more than anything. It's a disaster of epic proportions. Everybody likes him. I couldn't imagine anyone filling his shoes.

Maybe someone could take the position more as acting president, giving Tom the time to work on his business. This economy is screwing everybody.

Best Regards,

Bill G.
Re: SACA, Inc. Elections
May 22, 2014 12:51PM
Tom has indeed done a fantastic job, the club might not even be here today if not for him. If he feels he needs to move on, we certainly can't say he hasn't done more than his fair share.

Back after the Revolution there was a standard joke "let George do it" -- referring to President Washington. Well, Tom's real first name is George and that has kind of been the attitude of many in SACA as well.

If we accept that it is unlikely that anyone is going to be able to fill Tom's shoes at a one-on-one basis, we need to accept that we can still do a good job if a number of people step forward and share the load. I will admit, that hasn't been the SACA way, usually it all falls on the President. That hasn't always been a rousing success either, depending on that persons talents, time and resources.

I think the best thing to do is respect Tom's wishes and have capable people stand up and volunteer in the running of the club, whether as a Board member, Staff member or Officer. In that vein, I want to thank Doug-Ji for his offer to step into the webmaster duties and let him know I've already passed that word to the appropriate individuals.

I've already been making some calls to round up candidates for the Board and would urge you to either put your name in for consideration if you feel you can contribute, or contact someone you think is capable and ask them if they would consider putting their name in for nomination at the next elections.



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Re: SACA, Inc. Elections
May 23, 2014 07:08AM
What can be done to change his mind so he stays on? I too have always enjoyed every meeting with him. I know it's a free world, but no, Tom, you can't go!! Keith
Re: SACA, Inc. Elections
May 23, 2014 11:43AM
May 23, 2014 Dear Phorum participants, I am not getting much work done now that I spend all of my time re-reading these messages. The general response to the subject of any administrative job is that different people bring different talents to the job. What I like to think is that what I brought to the club was a collection of technical papers to offer through the Storeroom. That work is still very much in progress. What the club needs in the future is someone with much more facility with the internet, the website, and YouTube stuff. The basic function of the club is a gathering point for all steam people. The benefits from that gathering involve the interchange of information. SACA has been the original open source technology. For the continuity of steam information we need both the old timers with their experience and the newly minted and equally newly enthused steam person. It will be through the internet that we will recruit new members. I have done about as much as I can to get this far and it is a good time for someone else to take it beyond. Tom Kimmel
Re: SACA, Inc. Elections
June 19, 2014 10:07PM
I can do all the internet stuff, and I think its quite easy. and the YouTube stuff is even easier to promote...

Im at a stage that has been stalling for a number of years... Most from the steam club have remarked just show up and enjoy the company...

Im going to add a video here, but that doesn't mean I cant make other videos. The problem is being in attendace because of my day job. Although I have produced many video clips.

I also have patents like harry, and approve Toms efforts to share cyclone technology, after all it is the most modern steam manufacturing in as many decades...

I can currently blast steam 60 ft in the are with the prototype that was completed ten or so years ago...

ACB R&D 2004
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