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Duncan MacDonald car photo

Posted by Karl Petersen 
Duncan MacDonald car photo
January 31, 2014 06:42PM
Also on eBay is a press photo of a Duncan MacDonald car. The title is "1936 Los Angeles California New Car Power Plant by Duncan Mac Donald Press Photo "
The notes mention he built the Roamer steam car also. There is the Carqueville-MacDonald shown in a Clymer book also. I have bid on the photo for the Bulletin.

Karl Petersen
Re: Duncan MacDonald car photo
February 01, 2014 03:16PM
Hi Karl

The book The Gasoline Age-Why? by Herbert J. Redman ISBN 1467821810, 9781467821810 has a chapter on Duncan MacDonald and two other chapters on other steam cars. I found a preview on Goole Books [books.google.co.uk]

Re: Duncan MacDonald car photo
February 01, 2014 09:11PM
Several MacDonald pages are available in the preview. The author's understanding of steam is suspect, as he states, for the MacDonald system, "Among the details, the steam was ignited by a spark plug, a design feature borrowed from gasoline engines."

The writing is 10th-grade clunky, along with typos and incomplete sentences, but he appears to have done some fresh research on MacDonald. On Google books [books.google.com] you can get an electronic copy for $3.03 . Unfortunately you have to set up a Google Wallet, complete with credit card #, and I'm tired of handing over every aspect of my life to Google.

Re: Duncan MacDonald car photo
February 13, 2014 01:38PM
Got the photo. It will be seen in the Bulletin.

Karl Petersen
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