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Web Presence

Posted by frustrated 
Re: Web Presence
January 16, 2014 06:07AM

Re: Web Presence
January 22, 2014 09:39AM
What is going on with the SACA web site?
From the main page you can no longer find links or the forum.
Do we have a new web director? Are changes finely in the works.
Re: Web Presence
January 22, 2014 09:49AM
I was not aware that the page is broken.
Will patch it later,

Re: Web Presence
February 02, 2014 12:49PM
I made a few changes as suggested. I added a few new animations and converted some of the animated gifs to flash in order to reduce file size. Some of the longer tutorial pages have been split up. Can't get the video on front page to work, the web server FTP refuses to load any video clips though it used to.

Re: Web Presence
February 15, 2014 11:50AM

Re: Web Presence
February 15, 2014 04:22PM
That image works!

Re: Web Presence
November 01, 2014 07:14PM
It has been about a year since there was any open discussion about revamping the SCCA website. Are there any developments?
Re: Web Presence
November 02, 2014 09:50AM
Hi Doug,

Late in the summer an anonymous source donated a nice chunk of change towards a new website, enough to have it done professionally. One of our members, Lonny Claypool, has professional experience with websites and will be the new webmaster. Dave Lewis, SACA Membership Secretary is serving as the co-ordinator and expediter...by funneling most of the conversation from all parties through Dave we hope to avoid the kind of miscommunications that result in problems associated with "he said, she said". I really have no idea exactly what materials will be used in the new site, I'm certainly not pushing for any of the stuff I made up to be used as I could always put together my own site with that stuff and since I know people in SACA I am sure I could get a nice link grinning smiley.

All of the above being said, there is never enough content to work from and we would greatly appreciate any photos, videos and presentations that could be donated for a website. It might not all get used, we do have a budget limitation, but I don't see the site being utterly static and expect some change out every now and then.

In the same vein, similar content could go into the SACA Bulletin. We'd like more articles written by members and less cribbed from current and antique published sources. Articles need not be comprehensive, some interesting photos with a line for each to tell us what we are seeing can make for an article of great interest.


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