SACA South East Spring Meet
January 21, 2013 09:23AM
The second annual SE SACA Spring Meet-scheduled for March 16-has been cancelled. Regrettably, we have had to make this decision-there are simply too many prior committments demanding our time.

Last years' event was well received, and all of us were looking forward to having fun with everyone again soon-but it's just too much to manage this spring.Hopefully, those of you who have already made plans to attend will be able to adjust your schedules without too much trouble.

Our host at the Bradenton Motorsports Park was equally disappointed, and let us know that next spring the Park would be available for us.

So, if "life doesn't get in the way", we will have a Spring Meet next year.

Re: SACA South East Spring Meet
January 23, 2013 05:13PM
One of the best things about this meet was the significant attendance of the Northeast people. They seldom leave the Northeast and only to go to Florida in the winter. There if the rest of us want to rub shoulders with real Stanley people we will want to attend this meet. Tom KImmel
Re: SACA South East Spring Meet
January 23, 2013 06:08PM
Todays hi was +10,,,,3;30- 4;30 it droped to -5,,,[minus 5]]],,,,and continues to drop,here in southern Maine,,,
The ice is thin as this is a sudden chill,,
Spring is just around the corner,,,,Bah--humbugg,,,Ben
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