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The Jan-Feb 2013 Steam Automobile Bulletin

Posted by SSsssteamer 
The Jan-Feb 2013 Steam Automobile Bulletin
December 27, 2012 01:22AM
I just received my Steam Automobile Bulletin for January-February 2013. 40 pages of interesting steam topics with at least half of the pages filled with vintage steam articles like about Stanley Steamers. Our editor, Karl Petersen has turned out another fantastic issue. It is well on time, relates well to the USA, and has a volume of useful information. Lets now rate the competing publications for vintage steam. In my opinion: "The Steam Automobile Bulletin" is number one. "The Steam Car" from Great Britain is a close second. And at a distant third, The Stanley Museum Quarterly, and coming up fast is the Auburn Heights Herald. They all have useful steam information for vintage steam. If anyone wants to learn all that they can about steam cars, then they should subscribe to all four of them like I do. There is a great article in this issue about Chuk Williams and his Steam Speed America Land Speed Record car. I read a lot of information about his LSR car that hasn't been published here. Atta boy to all! Oh... Happy New Year!
Re: The Jan-Feb 2013 Steam Automobile Bulletin
January 07, 2013 10:25PM
Thanks very much, Pat. Since you wrote and edited the SACA/NW publication for years, your kind words mean even more. And two points extra for spelling my name right. Wow, it doesn't get much better than this. It was a fun issue and that Iowa Tour article was only good because of YOUR excellent, thorough and extensive photos and descriptions. It is fun getting a Bulletin out, especially because I get to see everything first (!).

Karl Petersen
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