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A Members Perspective

Posted by Jeremy Holmes 
A Members Perspective
August 30, 2008 01:57AM
I have just received my most recent, 'Steam Automoble Bulletin'. Im a club member, very impressed.

Also, I have received the SACA pin, that was sent, back about a month or so ago. Pretty happy with it.

I have attached 3 pic's



-edit- adding a picture

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Re: A Members Perspective
December 21, 2009 10:39PM
Hi Karl,

Great job on the bulletin. I noticed in the current issue, page 13 of VOLUME 24, NUMBER 1 JANUARY - FEBRUARY 2010. Your mention of the XCOR competition.

I can tell you there was a solicitation for the competion posted here, on the (SACA) Discussion Group as a thread, unfortunitly there have been a couple incidents over the years, where some threads have been lost. I remember the XCOR thread, but cannot find it, no matter how i search for the thread, seems to me the thread was posted here around 5 years ago maybe less, im not sure.

Also your search function (google) on the home page does work good, its how I found this thread here, the forums search function could not find this thread...

Anyway, I knew the this thread, existed, thats how I found it, luckely it still exists here on the forum database, over the years some threads have been lost, I suspect the XCOR solicitation thread was lost at some point.

This is the only remnant that I can find from it-


Again, good job on the Bulletin, keep up the great work.

Re: A Members Perspective
December 21, 2009 10:55PM
Holy Carp!!!

Low and Behold heres the actuall solicitation, made here on this forum,


Its just one of those things, that caused me to remember, the original thread, as I read my copy of the bulletin today.

I feel soo-much better... so the thread was not lost after-all... The original XCOR link doesnt work, but what the hell, I found what I was looking for drinking smiley


Re: A Members Perspective
December 23, 2009 03:01PM
Ah, that's nice. A kiwi sent it in! At least I know now that "we" knew about the competition, but it surely missed my eyes. I wasn't reading the Forum much then.

I have tracked down the winner and am sending him a copy of the issue with the articles on the XCOR competition and the similar General Electric engine.

All the best,

Karl Petersen
Re: A Members Perspective
December 23, 2009 03:19PM
The xcor link is 404
Re: A Members Perspective
December 23, 2009 09:25PM
Re: A Members Perspective
December 24, 2009 05:06PM
Thanks for running the update on this in the Bulletin, Karl.

I remember seeing the solicitation here, looking up the requirements, and doing some calculations. Well beyond the ordinary hobbyist level, very tricky design & fabrication job to meet the weight, size, and performance requirements, at least for me at the time. Even I would have gone with turbomachinery there, or redesigned the propulsion system around a somewhat larger and heavier component -- which, however, might have been cheaper and more durable as well. Kudos to the winner of this competition, well done indeed. Very advanced stuff.

Re: A Members Perspective
December 28, 2009 03:55PM
Hi Karl;

I certainly have no complaints about your editing of the bulletin. You did a better job integrating the illustrations into my 'Rotary Boilers' article than I expected; so my kudos. Keep up the good work!


Re: A Members Perspective
May 19, 2010 09:11PM
Hi All,

I must say that ive had a great time on the forum today...

Im on eastern time, anyway before Jim's post at around 5pm today, I was looking to find and old topic comment to it and bring it to the front.

Nevertheless, I could not find one. So right at 5 as I was shutting down machines at work, I saw Jim's post and chuckled at the remark about the "thought of the day"

Which brings me as to the revelation as to why I choose this topic.

I spent about a good 20 minuites, yesterday, studying the latest issue of the Bulletin, that I received in the mail the other day.

I was VERY impressed with Karl P's. article on- "XCOR Prize - The Real Story"
I especially like the remark from Mark S. about "SI challenged" : )

Also, I remember Jim speaking about doing an article about "The White Flowmotor Control System" also VERY informative.

I think Karl P. is doing a great job with the Bulletin...

Re: A Members Perspective
May 19, 2010 09:19PM
Darn it,

I forgot to reference the latest bulletin, (2nd) on the XCOR Prize, im speaking about, it is-


I think I received it monday, this week.

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